Wine Road Board of Directors

Meeting February 9, 2017


Wine Road / Upstairs Office

Absent:  Joe Foppoli


9:02    Call meeting to order

9:05    Mysty Stewart – social and PR update – DETAILED REPORT AT THE END OF THE MINUTES – SEE BELOW


9:22    Review minutes from December meeting

9:25    Treasurer’s Report – Year End

9:30    Events

9:50    Marketing  & Public Relations

10:05  Membership

10:15  Old Business


10:20  New Business


Wine Road

Public Relations Recap, January 2017

Event PR

Since I began doing PR on a project basis in November, I have been working to update, vet and expand our local event media. In the attached spreadsheet, you can see how the list continues to expand as new writers are vetted or express interest in Wine Road. Now that our three main events are close to concluding for the year, we can work to maintain this list and pitch our local media on other topics, outside of our events.

January Outreach:

Winter WINEland Media



Social Media & Media Influencers / Winter WINEland (several served as décor judges)

Other Pending Media

February/March preview