Episode Thirty Wine Road’s Podcast: The Wine, When & Where

Wine Road Episode 30 – Buckle your seatbelt we’ve made it to 30!  In this episode we eat delicious Eggs Benedict from The Alexander Inn in Cloverdale. Pop some bubbles from Paradise Ridge celebrating our 30th episode!!!  Discuss all things tasting and touring in Sonoma County with Aaron Costa from Healdsburg Vino Tours. Millie introduces us to the Book of the Day – Wine Isn’t Rocket Science and then breaks down the Wine Road Mug Giveaway details. DJ Bethy Beth talks about the upcoming Breakfast with the Winemakers.

Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma County with news on events, wineries, wines, dining options, activities, and places to stay.

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DJ Bethy Beth, Paradise Ridge Bubbles, Millie Winehouse, Aaron Costa

Show Notes:

0:40   Eats of the Day – Eggs Benedict from The Alexander Inn

1:20   Touring and Tasting in Sonoma County

1:32   Tasting Tips

2:35   Healdsburg Vino Tours – Aaron Costa

7:20   Hire a Driver

13:20 Book of the Day – Wine Isn’t Rocket Science

15:15 Item of the Day – Wine Road Podcast Mug

15:40 Giveaway Details!

18:00 Wine of the Day – 2014 Blanc de Blanc from Paradise Ridge Winery

19:00 Breakfast with the Winemakers


•  The Alexander Inn

•  Healdsburg Vino Tours

•  Wine Isn’t Rocket Science

•  Paradise Ridge Winery

•  Transportation Along the Wine Road

•  Wine Road Tasting Tips

•  Wine Road Tours

•  Wine Road Breakfast with the Winemakers

•  GIVEAWAY- Wine Road Podcast Mugs



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