Annual Meeting


The Board did a quick debrief of the Annual Meeting.






In regard to Member engagement in the future, consider: the approach 2 events a year-



Barrel Tasting


The board discussed the 2020 ticket prices. In April (prior to October 2019 fire), the board agreed to move the price to $75. The question is should we raise the price, leave it the same as 2019, or raise it less than $75. Discussion points included:


Agreed: Set the price the same as Winter Wineland ($60 in advance/$75 at the door)






Wine and Food Affair


The board discussed the date of the 2020 event. In light of the recent October fires, should we consider moving the date in 2020

Discussion items included:


In planning for 2020, the board discussed how to utilized items created for 2019 but not used. Specifically:



#SIPSonoma Promotion


Beth asked the board to brainstorm the 2020 #SIPSonoma promotion. Ideas generated for each monthly promotion include:




2020 Monthly Promotions





Brand Ambassadors


Beth asked the board for feedback on a new program, Brand Ambassadors. The board reviewed the website pages, terms, and requirements for the program.


Action Item: Board members are asked to share any potential social media ambassadors with Beth.



Extra Mile for Members


The board discussed what “the extra mile” means for it to consider expanding the AVA boundaries by an “extra mile”. Specifically,