We are thrilled to invite you on a special Mediterranean vacation that offers the perfect balance of leisure and adventure. Join us in June 2023 as we do it again – this time on Oceania’s Vista – their brand new luxury ship! Join Winery Owners Ben & Yolanda Papapietro and Bruce & Renae Perry as they set to the seas once again! On this two-week journey, you’ll have ample time to get lost in the ancient sites of Turkey, explore the active volcanoes of Sicily, marvel at the beauty of Greece, Israel and Italy, plus delight in an overnight stay in Jerusalem. Prices start at $7,274 per person and includes FREE Round Trip Airfare There are vacations and then there are the awe-inspiring vacations you remember forever. This cruise will be one of those memorable trips!

Visit our website: http://https://papapietro-perry.com/2023-cruise-with-owners