Board Meeting Oct. 19, 2017

Beth Costa on Oct 20, 2017

Wine Road Board Meeting –October 19, 2017 – Wine Road Office – 9:00am


We didn’t take minutes, it was more of a brainstorming session and an opportunity for everyone to be brought up to date on PR efforts.




Not pushing #SonomaStrong



Supporting Sonoma County one case at a time


Board reviewed draft of Fire Responses for social media and press questions – made edits as needed. Removed words such as destruction, deviation, shattered. We (Wine Road) are not “rebuilding” we are open for business and need customers to support our community and employees.


Changed original idea of

Rebuilding Sonoma One Case At A Time,  to

Supporting Sonoma County One Case At A Time (because WE are not rebuilding)


Sonoma County Tourism – supporting entire community

Chambers of Commerce – supporting their town or area

Wine Road – supporting Alexander, Dry Creek & Russian River wineries and lodging.

We need to remember what our purpose, mission, responsibilities are.

We cannot be all things…


Social – Friday Oct. 20 Mysty and I hit the road and visited about 6 wineries for quick photos, video and Facebook live. It’s beautiful – come see us.


Wine & Food Affair is on.

  • Only one winery has dropped out; MacPhail
  • We will add SF radio and SF Chron and SF Gate to our advertising.
  • Print signs for check in – donate here, with link
  • Purchased radio, print and online ads for Oct. 26-29 – all SF


New York press event – Oct. 25, desk sides Oct. 26, 

Working meetings with Biggi from SoCo Tourism and some that Mysty set up.


Redwood Empire Food Bank

Big Check planned for Nov. 21 – also need 40-50 volunteers to work that day.

This had been planned prior to fires. 

Wine & Food Affair donation – if ticket sales are more than anticipated, we may be able to double our $1 per ticket donation. We do not want to promise until we see how it goes.


Longer term out reach

Visit cities for press lunch, 2-3 winemakers present. Goal of 4-5 press, intimate.

Paint the picture of what it is like post fires – no damage, all wineries open.

90% of grapes were in – minimal vineyard damage in RR area.

Devon to outline purpose of these trips. Once wineries are on board we will provide press training. Discussion is not about fires, focus will be on the beauty of the area. Economy based on tourism and wine industry, relies on visitors.


Looking for press lunches/dinner in Alaska Airline markets to start. I will reach out and see if Alaska will comp any tickets for these trips, once we confirm dates, locations.

Tentatives dates – looking for restaurants, working on details.

Sacramento Nov. 14 – lunch, over and back same day

Omaha – Nov. 16  Beth there with multiple vintners, working to coordinate interviews.

Seattle – Nov. 28, lunch and dinner, fly home 29

San Diego Jan. 9. lunch and dinner, next day drive to LA

Los Angeles – Jan 10 lunch then fly home

Portland – January 17, lunch – up and back same day

Los Angeles  Feb. 15 lunch, then head to Rancho Mirage for event on 16th

Rancho MIrage – Feb. 16 – trade event, seminar, opportunity to meet with press/trade

Cleveland – April 13 – event

San Diego – April 13 – VinDiego seminar trade event


We have found it is much easier to get press to a lunch rather than a dinner. They have to eat lunch, they would rather be home for dinner, so they often RSVP then don’t show up.


First Responders

Sending Tasting Passes – 20 per station, all of the stations that were involved.

Custom designed to show “First Responder” good for one year.  Send more as needed.

Those will go out week of Nov. 6th


Winter Wineland 

Get sign-up forms out – plan ticket sales to launch Nov. 16th


Access Wine Road

Push launch for Jan 1st



Next week we will send out some graphics for member to use on social.

Mysty will also create some new tweets and Facebook posts that we can have members use.

We’re Open    #VisitWineRoad

Posted by Beth Costa