Board Meeting. – Aug 2014

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Full Board Meeting Minutes

August 22,2014 – 9:00- 10.30

Dry Creek Inn – Best Western


In Attendance:  Renae, Ross, Robin, Beth, Stacy, Aaron, Carri, Carla, Kathleen, Kevin, Derek

Absent:  Sue, Robert, Jeff


9:05  Meeting Called to Order  by Renae

  • Prior Meeting Minutes
  • Motion to accept prior meeting minutes:  Ross
  • Second:  Kevin

9:10 Treasurer’s Report (Beth)

  • Review Profit/Loss Report
  • Checking = $9,227.60 (Statement from 7/30/14)
  • Assessments
    • 50 wineries still have not paid
    • 20 lodges still have not paid
    • 2 wineries not renewing
      • Claypool Cellars
      • Carograph

9:15 General Meeting (Renae)

  • Good turnout / over 100 people
    • Majority of feedback included that people liked the skit and that everyone from board was involved
  • So eventful did a great job
  • Suggestions for next year
    • Tweak logistics, such as staging and sound
    • Different caterer
    • new venue

9:25 Website (Beth)

  • Working with a new person – whole back end of sie has been redone to be on wordpress platform
  • Currently working on new design of site
  • Completion is estimated in about 2 weeks


9:30 Committee Reports

  • Events (Beth)
    • CA Wine Month
      • 10th year
      • 45 wineries offering specials
      • Advertising – 5 wine blogs / Ad in Sf Chronicle/ Ad in Weekend Sherpa
    • WFA
      • Posters and postcards will be mailed out next week
      • Mugs are ready
      • Highest participation thus far
      • Eventbrite is ready to go live and tickets will be on sale 8/28/14
      • Ticket prices
        • $70 for weekend / $35 for Sunday / $30 for drivers
    • New Educational Weekend
      • Goal is to host in 2016 – the 40th anniversary of WR
      • Idea is to have wineries host in-depth educational seminars – no more than 20 seminars
      • Big ticket – at least $200 – it could be a weekend or just one day.  Consensus is that 1 day may be better to encourage attendees to go out to wineries the following day
      • The main obstacle is what time of year
      • Events Committee will come back to board with more ideas and at that point the board can vote
  • Marketing (Robin)
    • Davinners Code
      • Hasn’t taken off as well as projected
      • Asking all board members to get active and promote
    • Editorial Calendar
      • Challenge has been getting submissions to generate content to give Wagstaff
    • Membership (Kevin)
      • New members
        • Viszlay, Roth, Shone Farms
      • Not Approved
        • Guerneville Campground
          • half was residential

10:00 Marketing & Public Relations (Beth)

  • NY Trip with SF Travel
    • October 23rd
    • Thursday night media dinner
    • Friday morning media breakfast
  • Off The Grid
    • Picnic in Presidio
      • Very popular food truck event that takes place every sunday.  Approximately 5k-7k people every weekend
      • Goal is to have WR attend quarterly – a roped off section where people can pay to come in and try the wines / lounge like atmosphere
    • Larkspur Flea Market
      • To begin in October – put together by same guy
      • WR is being asked to participate 1x per month – many logistics would have to be worked out (ie sale of wine, drink tickets, etc)
      • Beth and Renae are to meet and discuss
  • San Diego
    • Splitting  tent with WDCV – banner for tent will include both logos
    • Trying to put together a simple trade event on thursday afternoon before event
  • James Beard
    • All wineries re set for wine/food pairing
    • Cost for WR sponsorship is $5k
  • Winesong
    • Auction items are put together and wineries are set to pour
  • New Consumer Newsletter
    • Goes out quarterly – first one was published July 15, 2014
    • Purpose is to provide more info to consumers on what’s happening in our AVAs each quarter

10:20 Old Business (Beth)

  • LinkedIn – Beth made appointment with goal to get set with a date to pour
  • Salesforce – waiting to make contact
  • Make-A-Wish – meeting in a few weeks / trying to make a wish come true, rather than just a donation.

10:25 New Business (Beth)

  • UC Davis wants to help sponsor an event
    • Idea is possibly to do a ticketed seminar on BT weekend where they would pay for venue and associated fees in putting on seminar
  • SRJC Hospitality Scholarship Program
    • Goal for them is to raise $10K and to use 10% for endowment
    • WR to donate $1k – unanimously passed
  • Double Locations – Assessments
    • Issue is some wineries have 2 locations, one for tastings and one for events
    • Vote to charge 2 assessments to a winery wishing to have 2 locations.  The primary location to be in regular map, the event location to be in only event maps.  Winery must pay full assessment fee + ½ assessment fee for second location.
      • Motion to Approve – Derek
      • 2nd – Ross
      • Unanimously passed

9:50 – Meeting Adjourned


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