Board Meeting – Dec. 18, 2015

Beth Costa on Dec 31, 2015

Wine Road Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2015 – 11:00

Portalupi Tasting Room

In Attendance:  Robin, Renae, Sue, Ross, Cari, Kathleen, Robert,

Beth, Jeff, Aaron, Julia, Joe, & Stacy

Absent:  Carla, Derek, Kevin


11:15  Meeting called to order

  • Introduction of Joe Foppoli of Christopher Creek – will be filling Kathleen Inman’s seat

11:20  Approval of November Minutes

  • Motion to approve Minutes:  Aaron
    • motion to approve pending adding attendance
  • Seconded by Ross & unanimously approved pending adding attendance

11:25  Treasurer’s Report – Budget Proposal

  • Report of bank accounts
    • Savings $170,231.54
    • Checking $143,943.34
  • Beth review of proposed budget items that are new and have/will change
    • 40th anniversary expenses and income are uncertain but have a solid estimate for expenses and expecting result of possible $20,000 in income
    • Motion to approve budget proposal:  Renae
      • seconded by Ross & unanimously passed

11:40  Events

  • Wine & Food Affair – reimbursements, recap, comments
    • Tickets down about 400
    • Reimbursement – only 3 wineries were not reimbursed
  • Winter WINEland – online sign up system
    • Most wineries like online sign up process with the exception of about 3 wineries
    • 1800 tickets have been sold so far – on par in comparison to last year’s sales
    • Advertising will be kicked up after the holidays
  • Barrel Tasting
    • 60 Wineries signed up so far – reminder have gone out
    • Advertising in process
    • Price raise of $5.00
      • $60 at door / $45 advance
    • An estimated $30,000 in ABC fees for the calendar year – increase of ticket price will help cover these fees

11:45  40th Anniversary

  • Review of programs that are still in the works – needing loose ends to be taken care of
    • Breakfast with winemakers  – in need of people to check-in and MC for each location – suggested that the wineries hosting provide the check-in personel
    • 40 Years of Cheer – waiting for city to approve
    • Alexander Valley Winegrowers AVA tasting – still working on logistics
  • Eventbrite – sales site will be reorganized and more user friendly by the first week of January.
  • Raffle Tickets for Instant Cellar – benefiting Redwood Empire Food Bank
    • Suggestion of having volunteers for ticket sales stationed at high traffic wineries during events
    • Break down the instant cellar into 40 bottle groups for multiple winners rather than one single winner.
    • possible costs for tickets = $5.00 per ticket / 5 tickets for $20 – sales starting on Winter Wineland weakend
  • Advertising
    • 7×7 will be running a full page ad for 40th WR anniversary in the Superbowl commemorative issue
    • SF chronicle ad


12:05  PRMD Update

  • Letter writing campaign to supervisors is in effect
  • Monthly meetings continue
    • 12/21/15 meeting with Efrin Carillo
  • PRMD biggest concern is congestion of traffic

12:20  New Business

  • Jenner Inn – reinstate?
    • New motion to reinstate by Robert with amendment that reinstatement is only under ownership of Richard Murphy which is nontransferable
      • Seconded by Aaron & unanimously passed
  • Wine Festivals Display
    • new signage for a more unified look for traveling events
  • Future board meetings
    • All board meetings will be held on 2nd thursday of every month at 9:00
      • Executive board meetings will be at the Wine Road office
      • Location to TBD for full board meetings
  • Wine Road Board Retreat
    • April 14th / location TBD
  • Video for Ruby Affair
    • Need 15 second video clips from celebrities wishing the Wine Road a happy 40th
  • Open board positions
    • Terms ending for Derek, Sue, Stacy & Robert


12:45  Meeting Adjourned

Posted by Beth Costa