Board Meeting – June 2015

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Full Board Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2015  9:00

Wine Road Office

In Attendance:  Robin, Julia, Robert, Derek, Kevin, Carla, Aaron, Beth, Stacy

9:00    Meeting Called to Order  by Robin

9:02    Board Responsibilities (Elizabeth Palmer)  

  • Fiduciary Duties
    • Wine Road Board’s legal responsibility to put interest of fulfilling the Wine Road’s mission above own interests
  • Standards of Care
    • Duty of Care
      • Performing duties in good faith
    • Duty of Inquiry
      • Required to do further inquiry into any suspicious activity
    • Duty of Loyalty
      • Confidentiality
      • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Group Exercises with hypothetical scenarios
  • All present members signed paperwork disclosing any conflict of interests


9:30    Retreat Minutes

  • Motion to approve = Aaron / 2nd by Robin
  • Unanimously passed


9:35    Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank Accounts
  • Savings unchanged from last report = $170,223.01
    • Checking as of 5/31/15 = $144,489.33
  • Income & Expense Estimates – Review potential costs of events supporting the 40th Anniversary celebration

9:40    40th Anniversary

  • Beth presented the outline of events from January 2016 through December 2016
  • Goal for sponsorships is $200k / link on WR website for potential sponsors


9:55    Wine & Food Affair

  • Approximately 50 wineries are signed up
  • Need more recipes to be submitted for online


10:00    County Health Permits Update

  • Online petition was sent in requesting rates not to be raised and for a more streamlined form for wineries.  Letter with 40 signatures was also submitted
  • Robin & Beth met with Health Department and at this time it looks promising that the Health Department is willing to work with us to simplify the permit paperwork as well as not raising the fees.

10:05    Public Relations

  • Journalist Wine Road Tour
    • Took place over 3 days (Sunday – Tuesday)
    • 3 from Seattle / 1 from SF
    • Incorporating wineries, lodgings & Restaurants
      • 16 wineries
      • 4 lodges
      • 6 restaurants


  • Festivals
    • Monterey
      • A very successful trip – 8 wineries poured with reports of sales of wine and club sign ups
    • San Diego (November) – Five wineries committed thus far

10:10    New Map

  • At printer
  • Designed with ad space for next printing


10:15    Marketing Committee – Carla

  • Last meeting discussed 40th Anniversary with focus on getting more members involved
    • Buddy System – using board & committee to reach out to members to encourage participation
    • Big emphasis on “positivity” when promoting or speaking of WR events
  • Next meeting on June 26, 2015


10:20    ABC Licensing

  • Recently wineries had been required to surrender license for the day for events – this could potentially cost the WR about $25K per year in ABC permit fees
  • Discussion with ABC has verbally stated that no surrendering and no special permits will be required – no in writing yet


10:40    General Meeting

  • Will be at Trione Winery on July 15th
  • Every Board member will talk about 1 month in the 40th anniversary celebration – cue cards to be provided by Beth
  • Banner will be made to be at check-in that will recap Wine Road accomplishments
  • Beth will be contacting Alan Kropt to be a closing speaker – goal is to get members to work together and create positive atmosphere in promoting the WR
  • Rehearsal for board members = Tues July 7th @ 4:00


10:50    Assessments

  • Time Line
    • Assessments will be mailed out on Monday June 29th
    • Deadline for payment is August 30th
  • No online option for payment this year
  • For 8 wineries that owe money/supplies from events – an invoice will be included with their assessment

11:10    New Business

  • Staff Changes – Anne moving to Paris
    • Will need to fill her admin position


11:15    Old Business

  • Wine Tourism Day
    • Average winery reported 15-25 visitors resulting from promotion
    • The name will be changed to “Explore the Wine Road” as it seems that the word “Tourism” is off-putting

11:20    New Logo

  • New Designs – goal is to have a design that is appealing and flexible to work well with mobile devices
  • Board liked one particular design – next step is to play with different fonts and even possible new designs


11:30    Meeting Adjourned


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