Executive Board Meeting – July 30, 2015

Beth Costa on Jul 31, 2015


Executive Board Meeting Minutes

July 30, 2015  9:00

Jackson Family Wineries – office location

In Attendance:  Robin, Renae, Sue, Robert, Beth, Stacy

Absent:  Julia


9:10  Meeting Called to Order by Robin


9:12  Anthony Cipolla & Scott Ormerod

  • Cipolla – Financial & Insurance Services, 401(k) benefits
    • Discussion of Retirement plan for eligible Wine Road Employees
      • At this time Wine Road has 3 full time people who are eligible for benefits (32 hrs or more)
    • Comparison and explanation of 401(k) vs Simple IRA
      • Motion to have Anthony, Scott, and Renae to establish a 401(k) plan with matching % by Wine Road and bring back to Executive Board to approve and present at Aug 20th full board meeting
        • Approved by Robin
        • 2nd by Renae and unanimously passed
  • Ormerod – Executive Director Compensation Review
    • Review of Holidays, sick leave, medical, salary and bonus.
    • Board is to decide on Beth’s bonus
      • Motion to approve review of Beth’s Evaluation and Authorize Renae to write a summary/response
        • Approved by Sue
        • Seconded by Robin and unanimously passed

10:00  Treasurer’s Report

  • Assessments – 90 have paid thus far, last date for payment is August 31st
  • Review of Profit & loss Budget vs Actual Review
    • Budget is on track, nothing too unusual
      • Seminars – if more seminars are to be offered (such as Responsible Hospitality) then nominal charge per attendee will apply
      • Trade show expenses are expected to go up
    • Motion to approve budget
      • Approved by Robert
      • Seconded by Renae and unanimously passed

10:15    Sonoma County Grands

  • Released more grants for smaller community grants which Beth has applied for to put towards all of our events


10:17    Health Permits

  • No update on any changes so far, will have to do a follow up to see what is being done to simplify the permit process for the Wine Road members


10:20    ABC Permits for Events

  • It was told to the Beth that we will have to pay fees of $25 per winery per day of each event and wineries will surrender their license for that day for the area they are pouring at.
  • Another meeting is going to be planned and if need be, the Wine Road Attorney will be brought in


10:25    40th Anniversary

  • Sign up status – many events are getting full
  • Sponsorships
    • SFChronicle wants to put up $100k but Wine Road is not willing to meet their requirement of being exclusive advertisement.  Beth will have a meeting to rework demands, etc.
    • Sunset Magazine is considering becoming a sponsor
    • Smaller sponsors have been coming in and ranging between $1k and $3k
  • TriFold Edited
    • Marketing meeting was held on 7/29 and went over some editing and fine tuning
  • Art of Oak
    • 4 sponsors so far / looking at 40 barrels at $500 each
    • Going to hire someone to oversee the program
    • Looking at a possible $12,000 profit for donation when all is done
  • Documentary
    • To include a BBQ of past presidents (and possible board members) where stories can be shared on film


10:35    Wine & Food Affair

  • 108 wineries are signed up, recipes are done
  • POS, printing postcards posters, programs all set to be done by Labor Day Weekend


10:37    Staffing

  • Anne left
  • New hire for social media; Mysty Stewart – she will start 1 day a week and there will be a 90 day review
  • Debbie now will be “Event Manager” and a new hire will be needed for office manager
    • Discussion on how to review Debbie’s performance on each event, include checklist to determine possible bonuses
      • Motion to give Debbie a raise and potential to earn bonus per event based on performance of each event.
        • Approved by Robert
        • Seconded by Renae and unanimously passed


10:50    New Logo

  • Will discuss at full board meeting on August 20th


10:52    Press Trip

  • All Press will focus on 40th anniversary – no direct winery involvement
  • Elizabeth Slater hired to create press kit for 40th anniversary
  • Sacramento – planning lunch for Aug or Sept if all printed material is complete
  • LA – planning lunch & dinner in Sept
  • Sunset Magazine / Central Coast – Sept
  • Chicago/NY – October; Chicago on Mon/Tues and NY on Wed/Thurs
  • Beth wants ideas to create a great gift/keepsake for the press tours
    • Possible to have a clock made from barrel stave


11:00    Old Business

  • General Meeting – it was agreed that the meeting could have been more informative and more organized.  The film presented was too long and members complained about the substance


11:05    New Business

  • Pulse Point – review of stats
    • We will stop subscription and renew for next year’s 40th anniversary


11:10    Board Review of Beth’s Compensation

  • Discussion of Bonus
  • Will re-evaluate and come back to table in conference arranged by Robin


11:30    Meeting Adjourned


Posted by Beth Costa