Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

Thursday September 24, 2015

Wine Road office – 9:00-11:00am


 9:05    Meeting called to order by Robin Calkins9:30    Approval of August minutes – Sue made motion to approve minutes as they were presented, Robert 2nd the motion all in favor. Minutes approved

9:35    Treasurer’s Report – $70847.55 in checking, $170231.54 in savings

9:45    New Logo Design – timeline for rolling it out. Beth to send email to our members with new look and details of process . Send Oct. 1st, then begin making switch internally, ideally new “member signs” out in January. Order new stationary and cards etc as needed when reordering.

9:55    Events

Capabunga – we will give to members after Wine & Food Affair so they can begin to share the “4oth news” with their customers. We will order enough to have 20 per member.

10:15  40th Anniversary

10:30  PRMD Update – HUGE issue. Sonoma County Vintners will provide us with a n outline for a letter writing campaign we can forward to our members. Beth has been attending weekly meetings on this issue.

10:40  Public Relations

10:50  ABC licensing update – looks like we will need to pay for WFA, but Beth is working with our attorney to draft an argument before Wineland rolls around. Cost is $25 per winery, per day – WFA = $5350.

10:55  Old Business – Grants – we were given a $1000 grant, not worth our time to persue. Beth will make an appointment to meet with Ben Stone to find out how we can go about getting more. We expected $10,000.

11:00  New Business

Meeting wrapped up- at 11:10

Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Costa (Stacy Rafanelli is on maternity leave)