Executive Board Meeting – Nov. 2014

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2014  3:00

Wine Road Office

In Attendance:  Renae, Ross, Robin, Sue, Beth, Stacy


3:05  Meeting Called to Order  by Renae

  • Review prior meeting minutes – approved by Sue / Ross 2nd


3:10  Treasurer’s Report – Latest Revised Budget through 2014

  • Review Budget Proposal
    • As proposed, the budget shows a loss which will cause us to draw from savings
    • Budget will be reworked before full board meeting
      • Changes discussed include, but not limited to the following:
        • Income:  cookbook/calendar/logo glasses taken out of proposed budget
        • Expense: no television advertisement
        • Scholarship:  Increase amount and offer 3 @ $1500
        • Miscellaneous expenses will be increased
      • 2 months still need to be factored into overall budget


3:30  Events

  • Wine & Food Affair
    • Halloween weekend negatively effected attendance
    • Will Call @ WR office proved to be successful – about 250 tickets sold at door
    • Approximately 23 email complaints / wineries reported attendees had vocal complaints regarding absence of cookbook
    • Meeting for participating wineries should be mandatory to know rules/updates on event, etc
      • Discussion on making reimbursements dependent on attendance of meeting
    • Some wineries had noticeable discrepancies in supply return – discussion on notifying those wineries that the office is aware of loss in supplies and in future the wineries will be charged for unaccountable wristbands/glasses
  • Winter Wineland
    • Reported ticket sales so far are 500 – email to go out on November 20th
    • 140 wineries participating
    • Same type of advertising planned
  • Barrel Tasting
    • No update
  • Season Pass
    • Slow sales
  • 40th anniversary
    • Gala Event night before Wine Tourism Day with ticket price around $250
    • Focus on 5 founding wineries
    • Auction with proceed to go to a designated charity
    • Need event space – one idea is Coppola, but no outside chef will be permitted


4:20 More Events

  • video on How to for Barrel Tasting
    • An in house video for members, possible with online link for streaming
  • Pre-Event Meeting
    • all meeting to be mandatory for reimbursements
  • Reimbursements / Tracking Supplies
    • Take discrepancies out of reimbursements for future events


4:30  Marketing & PR

  • New York
    • Disappointing trip in regard to SF travel
      • press breakfast was big mess – audio visual did not work / no powerpoint
      • No offers as a big draw
  • Wine Tourism Conference
    • Food for thought – Mutineer Magazine founder as keynote speaker to focus on good marketing
  • San Diego
    • 13 press signed up
    • 4 winemakers for lunch / 18 for grand tasting
    • App is updated and allows notes to be written next to the wineries
  • Seattle
    • February 22nd – goal is to have 5 wineries total
  • Wine Road App
    • All updates are complete
  • SF Chronicle Ad
    • Turned out great / best ad that has been done on behalf of WR
      • Included full page with the QR code with beautiful landscape picture
  • Tasting Tips Video
    • Online and is reported as good
  • Grant for Sonoma County Advertising / SoCo Tourism
    • $5000 for each event
  • LGBT travel show in LA
    • April 11th
    • Very respected show / challenge is knowing what consumer is looking for and how to draw interest from attendees


4:55 New Addendum

  • Announce via Tuesday Newsday for Barrel Tasting
  • Secondary locations – to be announced on different day in separate email


5:00 New Logo

  • Review options online – narrowed down to 3 to be presented to full board


5:15 Meeting Adjourned


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