Executive Board Meeting – Sept 2014

Beth Costa on Jun 26, 2015

Wine Road Executive Board

Wednesday Sept. 10, 2014

Wine Road office 3:00-5:00pm




Present: Renae Perry, Robin Calkins, Ross James, Sue Burnett, Beth Costa


Call to order – Renae Perry 3:10


Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking – $26,812.61
  • Savings – $220,208.09
  • Error on report – cookbook income, showing negative, Beth to review



  • Jigar is newest member
  • Assessments – missing payment from 18 members. We’ve called, sent direct emails and mailed hard copies of the assessment to all.
  • Fountaingrove Inn, Jenner Inn, Santa Nella House all dropping


Map Update

  • Should have final proof Friday, if all good, off to print on Monday – takes 3 weeks. We are ordering 200,000 which should last about 6 months. We have already paid a $10,000 deposit.



  • CA Wine Month – Beth shared via email to all members all that we have done to promote SF Chron, SF Gate, various wine blogs, SR Airport signs, printed programs and Alaska Airlines magazine.
  • Wine & Food – tickets selling, most wineries ever, ads all placed
  • WINEland – working on poster and post cards so we have them to hand out during WFA.
  • 40th Anniversary Celebration – Robert has small sub committee to meet tomorrow and try and hammer out details to make something special for our 40th anniversary 2016. Educational component.


Marketing& PR

  • Visiting press – Elaine Glusac this weekend, Anne and Beth to tour meet with her.
  • Silicon Valley tastings – working out details with LinkedIin, Pricewaterhouse and SalesForce
  • Wine festivals – San Diego – press tasting didn’t work, Beth will try to have some individual press meetings, possibly radio spot.
  • James Beard – fun gift ideas (chef and guests – 2 different things) – going to price out the Capabunga for both groups.
  • March of Dimes – live auction package – done $2000 value
  • Off the Grid – flea market and picnic in the Presidio – waiting to set up an appointment to meet with Matt and 1-2 Board members to discuss the pricing for the wine tasting and who gets the money.
  • Co-op with US Airways – Wine Road to take 2 pages. Beth to work with the sale rep and Wagstaff to compile the editorial info.


Old Business

  • Food Bank – monthly volunteers – 2 months done, need to get more involved.
  • Scholarship Endowment – dropped off check for $1000 toward endowment, Meghan to work up a press release.


New Business

  • Meghan – working on press releases, business focus – other topics, new map, new Board members, new calendar – stepping into digital age etc.
  • Member Meet & Greet – make it AWESOME: date & location – Beth and Sue to meet and delelop a plan for this to be something all members will want to attend. Meeting tomorrow Sept. 11.


Meeting Adjoured 4:35


Minutes respectfully submitted by Beth Costa in the absence of Stacy Rafanelli






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