Executive Board Meeting – March 9, 2017

Beth Costa on Mar 22, 2017

Wine Road Board of Directors

Meeting March 9, 2017


Wine Road Office

(Absent:  Robin)

Minutes PENDING Approval

9:00   Call meeting to order

9:05   Review minutes from January meeting

  •         No January minutes

9:10   Treasurer’s Report – YTD

  •         Checking Account:  $173,198.74
  •         Savings Account:  not available – approximately $170,000
  •         Review profit and loss

9:20   Events

Winter WINEland

No update

Barrel Tasting

$194k in sales, still pending due to at the door sales for 2nd weekend.

It looks to be short about $94k and in order to make predicted income, need to sell 1,300 tickets at the door.

No big issues reported.  One report of sheriffs called to KJ on Fulton Rd.

ABC was out

Mystery Tours

Wineries have already began signing up to be a mystery stop

Urban = 4 wineries signed up

Russian River = 2 wineries signed up

Dry Creek Valley = 6 wineries signed up

Alexander Valley = 1 winery signed up


9:30   Marketing  & Public Relations

New committee – lodging special, meet & greet, google ad words

New google ads launched

3 ads relating to Ticket to Wine Road

3 ads relating to lodging specials

Meet & Greet – Held at Sara Lee’s Vineyard

Lodgings are expected to have their tables full of information for wineries – WR will send letter of expectations


Bloggers Conference – Mystery Tours in progress, AVA presentations

Takes place November 9th-11the

WR putting together a little event on 8th for the early arrivers and will focus on AVA presentations, including the Mystery  Tours

SF Travel – April, connect Mystery Tours to Summer of Love

Breakfast in L.A. – 30 journalists

While in L.A., Beth is going to look into trying to get onto a radio show to promote Wine Road

9:35   Membership

Pizza lunches

All lunches have been beneficial

Next lunch is in April

Outreach to new members – pending applications

New members

Ziatena, Notrevup, Landmark, Old Crocker Inn, Holiday Inn, Square Peg

Several new members pending as outreach letters have resulted in heightened interest

9:40   Old Business

Omaha/Kansas City – Wine Road on the Road

Beth is working on logistics to make Omaha happen

9:45   New Business

2018 – Wine Road on the Road to Cleveland, connect w/Ohio tourism

Cleveland – Ohio wine lady wants Wine Road to come to Ohio in spring 2018 and at this point is ready to take on all the expenses

AVA meetings –Sonoma House – May 2018

2nd Tuesday every month

Spring of 2018 – trying to get top journalist to Sonoma House where wineries are to come in and go above and beyond a simple tasting


Robert, Julia, and Aaron volunteered to read all applications to award $3,000 worth of scholarships

10:00 – Meeting Adjourned

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