Executive Board Meeting – May 10, 2018

Beth Costa on May 22, 2018

These minutes are PENDING Board Approval

Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

May 10, 2018   9:00am    

Wine Road Office – Upstairs


9:00    Call to order. Attendees included Carla Jeffries, John Viszlay, Devin Ruddick, Carri Holdredge, Mike Salinas, Beth Costa. Minutes approved from Annual Retreat Meeting

9:05    Treasurer’s Report:

Savings:          $200,063.23

Checking:      $172,234.91

Treasurer Devin Ruddick will meet with Beth in June to learn more about his new role. In July, he’ll review financials with Executive Board (EB). EB is responsible for managing day to day operations of financials.

After brief review of April 2018 P&L, EB wants to rebuild Barrel Tasting (BT) revenue.

  • Build positive perception of BT event both internally & externally.
  • Longer lead time for “Best Event in the County!”
  • Promote and/or rebrand as “THE” event
  • Additional partnerships to promote our events (see under Marketing)
  • Create new Task Force to tackle these issues (task force will be by invitation)


9:10    Filling Board Position

New position does not need to be elected; will be hand selected by EB and will serve full three years. Candidates include Ross at Kokomo; Andrew at Stuhlmuller, will ask Robin Caulkins if she has any recommendations.

9:15    Retreat Recap

  • 7 page summary; these notes will be edited and distributed prior to the June Full Board Meeting.

WR defined as Wine Tourism (consumer focused). Four filters established; each must be met prior to WR engagement. Is it/does it:

  • Consumer focused
  • Economic drivers (i.e., profitable)
  • Engage and influence visitation
  • Tell stories, emotional connection for members and guests

These four filters will be revised at Mini-Retreat on August 9th (8:30am-12:30pm)

Discarding various programs (i.e., Wine Access, Partner Program, Festivals) as they don’t meet the filter.

EB to set strategic tone and direction for Executive Director (ED). Review ED goals at beginning of EB Meeting instead of at the end of the year.

10:00  Events

  • Cleveland: 19 wineries. Grand tasting event, 3 mini-seminars, $65 for event. Also a $120 ticket for seated tasting, but that might be cancelled.
  • Esprit du Rhône: Hoping to break even on the event.
  • Wine & Food Affair: Artwork selected, sending out info next week.

10:15 Public Relations

  • Press Lunch – SF. 4 Press attended, but still very productive. Met a Director from Alaska Airlines who committed to providing 12 free tickets for Press.
  • Sonoma House: May 14th. 12 journalists attending from NY, Los Angeles, and Bay Area. Featuring WR; RRV; Sonoma Valley, and Dry Creek Valley. Wine & dine ‘em. Podcast with VP of Alaska- promoting “Wine Flies Free.”
  • Newsletter, Blog, Podcast: Blog will be released in the Newsletter, not a separate piece. Podcast might be weekly instead of every other

10:30 Marketing

  • VinDiego: Won’t be doing this event in the future; doesn’t meet the filters, but WR will make members aware of this, and other similar events.
  • North Coast Concierge: WR attended this trade show, but had poor booth placement.
  • Wine Road Paws 4 Wine: June 23rd (not an WR event, but a way to build awareness for this good cause.)
  • Need to look at new marketing areas: Trip Advisor for advertising, and AirBNB since they’re creating luxury experiences.

10:35  Old Business: Reviewed 2017/2018 Goals, and reviewed updates on new programs.

10:40  New Business

  • Establish Task Force for annual meeting; make it a social meeting; invite all three AVAs.
  • Establish Task Force for Wine Tourism
  • Establish Task Force (by invitation) for rebranding Barrel Tasting event
  • Discuss whether part of Sonoma Coast should be included in WR territory
  • Should Inspirado and AirBNB be able to join WR? (possible by-law change)
  • Should winery properties be listed as lodging?

Next meetings

Full Board Meeting – June 14, 2018

Executive Board – July 12, 2018

Full Board – RETREAT progress – August 9 plan on 8:30-12:30 location TBD


Posted by Beth Costa