These minutes are PENDING Board Approval

Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

May 10, 2018   9:00am    

Wine Road Office – Upstairs


9:00    Call to order. Attendees included Carla Jeffries, John Viszlay, Devin Ruddick, Carri Holdredge, Mike Salinas, Beth Costa. Minutes approved from Annual Retreat Meeting

9:05    Treasurer’s Report:

Savings:          $200,063.23

Checking:      $172,234.91

Treasurer Devin Ruddick will meet with Beth in June to learn more about his new role. In July, he’ll review financials with Executive Board (EB). EB is responsible for managing day to day operations of financials.

After brief review of April 2018 P&L, EB wants to rebuild Barrel Tasting (BT) revenue.


9:10    Filling Board Position

New position does not need to be elected; will be hand selected by EB and will serve full three years. Candidates include Ross at Kokomo; Andrew at Stuhlmuller, will ask Robin Caulkins if she has any recommendations.

9:15    Retreat Recap

WR defined as Wine Tourism (consumer focused). Four filters established; each must be met prior to WR engagement. Is it/does it:

These four filters will be revised at Mini-Retreat on August 9th (8:30am-12:30pm)

Discarding various programs (i.e., Wine Access, Partner Program, Festivals) as they don’t meet the filter.

EB to set strategic tone and direction for Executive Director (ED). Review ED goals at beginning of EB Meeting instead of at the end of the year.

10:00  Events

10:15 Public Relations

10:30 Marketing

10:35  Old Business: Reviewed 2017/2018 Goals, and reviewed updates on new programs.

10:40  New Business

Next meetings

Full Board Meeting – June 14, 2018

Executive Board – July 12, 2018

Full Board – RETREAT progress – August 9 plan on 8:30-12:30 location TBD