Executive Board Meeting – Sept. 6, 2017

Beth Costa on Sep 28, 2017

Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

Sept. 14 2017   9:00am

Wine Road Office – upstairs location


Carla Jeffries, Robin Calkins, Robert Conard, Aaron Krug, Julia Lander, John Viszlay Missing Stacy Rafanelli




9:00    Call to order Carla Jeffries


9:02    Approve July minutes – Beth did not have a copy provided. No action taken


9.05    Treasurer’s Report – review YTD current year vs. last year, current P&L no questions, Aaron made a motion to approve, 2nd by Robin, all in favor.


9:15    Membership – new members and assessments

  • Map updates – noting apt only with colored dots on map – Robert Conard put forth the idea of making the “appointment only” wineries have different shape and color “dot” on the front of the map to make it easier when directing guests. This could also be a big draw for wineries that have dropped membership, if they see we are adding this feature. Exec. Board approved this change – it will happen with our next printing and the staff will send a letter to members that have dropped out, as well as current members so they are aware before the printing.

If a current member drops out and would like to return within 6 months they will be charged their current rate, not the increased $1000 assessment.


9:17    Board Reports –

Beth has developed a spreadsheet for eacsh of these areas, to easily keep the Board up to date. It will be clear month by month what has been completed and if we are on track to reach out goals. SEE ATTACHED.

  • Public Relations
  • Goals
  • New Programs – Access – review details and new look
  • Online Resources – sharing


9:37    Events Committee

  • Reimbursements – we are concerned with the issues reguarding the sharing of event funds and the BC guidelines which prohibit this. Beth has met with our attorney. Discussed a lower assessment for participation in events, refunded AFTER the events. Possibly working with a non-profit for an escrow account. We need more information.
  • Magical Mystery Tours – we will set date for 1 or 2 in spring.
  • Wine & Food Affair – moving right along, 97 wineries, tickets launched on time
  • Rhone Event – Esprit du Rhone – May 18 & 19
  • Barrel Tasting –review flyer. Start over and have a more positive tone, supportive and “how can we help YOU have a successful Barrel Tasting”. Beth to send edits to designer.


9:45    Marketing

  • Pod Cast Conference – learned we are on the right track with our frequency, length and content. Need to contact some bigger players to be on our show, then they may be interested in sponsoring.
  • Cleveland – need to extend the deadline, too busy with harvest to respond.
  • VinDiego – new event Rancho Mirage – Board would like Beth to attend, give it a try and see if the audience works for us. Collect emails, share details about Rhone event.


9:55    Old Business

  • Sonoma House – invitations, website, itinerary.   Beth has contacted the Healdsurg Lodging Assoc to see if they would like to be a sponsor, she has also reached out to Alaska Airline for help flying the press here.


10:00 New Business

  • Interns via SRJC – hoping to have some event help – tracking health permits, social media posts, sorting supplies, filing. Offered 4 hours a week, $12 an hour.



Next meetings

October 5 Full Board 9:00am

November 9 Executive Board 9:00am

December 14 Full Board 11:00am w/lunch

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