Wine Road Executive Board Meeting

Sept. 14 2017   9:00am

Wine Road Office – upstairs location


Carla Jeffries, Robin Calkins, Robert Conard, Aaron Krug, Julia Lander, John Viszlay Missing Stacy Rafanelli




9:00    Call to order Carla Jeffries


9:02    Approve July minutes – Beth did not have a copy provided. No action taken


9.05    Treasurer’s Report – review YTD current year vs. last year, current P&L no questions, Aaron made a motion to approve, 2nd by Robin, all in favor.


9:15    Membership – new members and assessments

If a current member drops out and would like to return within 6 months they will be charged their current rate, not the increased $1000 assessment.


9:17    Board Reports –

Beth has developed a spreadsheet for eacsh of these areas, to easily keep the Board up to date. It will be clear month by month what has been completed and if we are on track to reach out goals. SEE ATTACHED.


9:37    Events Committee


9:45    Marketing


9:55    Old Business


10:00 New Business



Next meetings

October 5 Full Board 9:00am

November 9 Executive Board 9:00am

December 14 Full Board 11:00am w/lunch