Wine Road Board of Director’s Meeting

Feb. 8, 2018   9:00am    

Wine Road Office – Upstairs

Minutes – DRAFT pending approval

9:00    Call to order

In attendance: Aaron Krug, Julia Lander, Robert Conrad, Stacy Rafanelli, Ross Clendenen, Jenny Lamarre, Joe Foppoli, John Vislay, Carri Holdredge, Beth Costa; and via conference call, Thomas DeBiase. Absent: Mike Salinas (jury duty), Carla Jeffries (out of town), Robin Calkins, and Devin Ruddick.


9:05    Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance: $46,914.28

Savings account balance: $200,024.06

2017 taxes were completed on Feb. 8th; 42 page return. As a non-profit, WR does not owe any money.

9:30    Office update


9:50    Retreat Agenda

April 18 & 19th. Not yet confirmed at Vintner’s Inn, but likely. Scott is confirmed as moderator. Change of format this year – looking to do big picture business overview to measure effectiveness of WR marketing programs. Possibly bring in Honoree Comfort or Trini Amador from Graciano Winery to lead the discussion. Goal of creating a 5 year and 10 plan for marketing efforts. Beth created two visual handouts: WR Marketing & PR, and WR Mission to aide in retreat discussions.


10:10  Events


10:20 Public Relations







10:30  Old Business


10:40  New Business



Meeting adjourned by John Vislay, seconded by Joe Foppoli.