Wine Road Board Meeting – June 8, 2017

Beth Costa on Jun 20, 2017

Wine Road Board of Directors

Meeting June 8, 2017


Dry Creek Inn

DRAFT Pending Board Approval

9:05 – Call to Order


  • Present: Carla, Ross, John, Aaron, Thomas, Cari, Kevin, Devin, Julia, Mike. Joe (via skype), Beth, Stacy


9:06 – Welcome New Board Members

  • Thomas Debiase – Foley Wines
  • Ross Clendenan – J Rickards

9:08 – Review of Retreat Notes

  • Motion to Approve:  Julia
  • Seconded:  Kevin

9:10 – Treasurer’s Report

  • Checking: $151,493.52
  • Savings: $200,000.49
  • Executive Board has requested a profit & Loss breakdown for each event
    • Review handout – Results show lower numbers, but higher profits for the events

9:12 – Mysty Stewart – PR update

  • Social Media recap from February 2017 – May 2017
    • FB in general is slow growing – WR is no exception, # in growth has slowed but also due to lack of events this time of year
      • Top posts include Easter, President’s Day, & Tasting Room Etiquette
      • Money is put in each month for “Boosts”
    • Twitter – Sonoma Chat increases popularity – Mysty is going to try to participate more to get more tweets going
      • Top posts include Earth day & Mother’s Day
    • Instagram – growing at about 15%.  WR goal is to create quality engagement – Instagram is best social media at this point
      • Top posts include, Barrel Tasting, Puppy Day, Rose pic from Kokomo

9:40 – Outline for Wine Road Club

  • Review handout
    • Tickets will be for $100 per person / $175 per couple
    • Name?
      • Board voted for name to be “Access Wine Road”
      • Goal is to launch in early November – excellent time to roll due to people looking for xmas gifts
      • Beth to start work on artwork/etc
      • Looking to raise about $60k

9:50 – Outline for Partnerships

  • Review handout – letter to potential “partners”
    • Changes to be made – take out “neighbor” and to highlight the number of followers the Wine Road has in the beginning of the letter.
      • Motion to approve with changes:  Aaron
      • Seconded – Ross
      • Unanimously passed

10:00 – Events

  • Magical Mystery Tours
    • More tours added – estimated to raise about $10k by the end of the year
    • Wine Road office is to reach out and personally contact participating wineries with expectations on food/tasting – food is to be appropriate for time of day
    • Each winery must provide more than a tasting (include a cellar or vineyard tour)
  • Winemaker Breakfasts
    • May breakfast was cancelled
    • July breakfast as of this afternoon will be cancelled (unless a miracle happens)
  • Wine & food Affair
    • Rolling right along….
    • June 30th is deadline
  • Rhone Event
    • No news to report at this time

10:10 – Marketing / PR

  • Remnant ads
    • Bart – new artwork for Tasting Pass in BART
    • Websites – ads for Mystery Tours / Tasting Pass to be placed in Foodie websites
    • Food & Wine Magazine – Wine Road got a very good deal for a full size ad
  • Bloggers Conference / Wine Tourism
    • Tasting for Bloggers conference / promote Mystery tours
    • Beth to be moderator for panel at the Wine Tourism Conference
  • Sunset Celebration
    • Next year at Cornerstone Winery
    • “Destination Wine road” with big tent & lounge style
  • Podcast Convention – Anaheim
    • “Podcast Movement” – approximately 2k attendants
    • Goal of podcast is to get sponsorship
  • Omaha – Avenue Scholars Fundraisers
    • Wine Road to commit to November event

10:20 – Membership

  • Lodging meeting update – letter, video, weekly reminder and intro
    • Assessments due August 1st
    • Review draft of Membership Letter
      • Motion to approve:  Julia
      • Seconded – Kevin
      • Unanimously passed

10:25 – New Business

  • Beth is urging wineries to suggest lodgings that are Wine Road members


*Next Meetings

  • Executive Board;  July 6th
  • Full Board:  August 10th

Present: Carla, Ross, John, Aaron, Thomas, Cari, Kevin, Devin, Julia, Mike. Joe (via skype), Beth, Stacy





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