40th Sign Up Forms – Oct. 26, 2015

Beth Costa on Oct 29, 2015

We’re getting there –
Below are the various 40th Anniversary events that still have openings.
Most are promotions where we hoped to have “40” wineries participate, I’ve listed how many spaces are open.

The sign up form is attached.
Shoot me a note if you need more details or information about a particular event.

We plan to have the participation list on our website for consumers to begin making plans by mid-November.
Now –
We’d love to see ONE bottle of wine from each of our 200 winery members – it will be donated to the Redwood Empire Food Bank for an instant cellar. 200 bottles would be 5 “40-bottle” cellars in celebration of our 40th.
At this point we have 29 wines that have been donated.

We also need 10 more used wine barrels, which will be used for our “Art of Oak” projects – please deliver to the Wine Road warehouse.

Now -December, we’re packaging up 40 Birthday Gifts and 40 Anniversary Gifts which we will be giving to customers in 2016 who are celebrating their birthday or anniversary. We’d like to include something from your winery or lodging. If you want to be included, please drop off 40 of something (not wine; hats, corkscrews, olive oil, book, jam/jelly) we will put in either the birthday or anniversary package. We need all packages to be the same – we’ll shares photos and links to donors on our social media
sites. So far one winery has donated…we’d love to see at least 12 items in the packages

February -May
We need 40 wineries willing to have one of our “Art of Oak” barrels in display.
We will be featuring the sponsors, artists and where the art is on display on various social media sites.
Barrels may be displayed inside or outside depending on your space – they do need to be in a somewhat secure site, so they are not stolen.
We have 31 locations confirmed, we need 9 more

March 5 & 12
Barrel Tasting Breakfast with the Winemakers March 5 – need one more host location (seating for 40) & 1 winemaker
Barrel Tasting Breakfast with the Winemakers March 12 – need 3 winemakers

April & May
Selfie Frames – want 40 wineries to have a selfie frame (we’ll provide) on display either inside or out and encourage your visitors to take and share their “selfie” in the frame with the hashtag #mywineroad – that will get them entered to win various prizes.
We have 30 – We need 10 more locations

May 14
Ruby Affair – we need WINE donated for the dinner – we need 8 more wineries – 6 bottles (of the same wine)
Ruby Affair – we need auction items, we will bundle them up into packages. Our goal is to have mainly LIVE auction items with a goal of raising $100,000. It will be split 50/50 with United Way of Wine Country and Worth Our Weight
We still need DONATIOns of every type. We can combine wines, winery guest houses, helicopter tours, lunch with owners – we are shooting for 40 or more “packages” so we will accept any donation to create the packages. This will be an event with 250 people, $250 per person.

July 2-3-4
4th of July Weekend – play music from your favorite era..the “top 40”.
We have 22 wineries signed up, we need 18 more

July 23
40 Years of Cheers! – the community festival in Healdsburg
We need MUSICIANS – you know you love to play…we need you to preform that Saturday with your bandmates! HELP, we have 2 musicians signed up, we need music ALL day.
We need CRAFTERS – from our wineries and lodgings, who on your staff likes to make things and would like to sell them? We have 4 people signed up, ideally we’ll have 10-15 booths.
We need 40 wineries to pour – we have 28 confirmed, we need 12 more

Hide a Wine Road goodie (old posters, event glasses, wine openers etc) which we will provide for our scavenger hunt.
There is an App for that…so you just need to have the items hidden somewhere and when guests find it and check it off the app, their name goes in a hat for prizes. We want 40 wineries – we have 32 confirmed, so we still need 8 more locations

Really glad this is a one time adventure! Our 40th anniversary committee was worried limiting events to 40 wineries would be a problem because SO many people would want to do everything. Who knew the issue would be getting wineries signed up.

Thus far we have sponsorship from SF Chronicle, Press Democrat, Eventbrite, Glass Tech, WIN Wine Industry Network, Masilva USA, Santa Rosa Convention and Visitors Bureau and Bank of Marin. We have more pending….

Art of Oak: We have wrapped up our barrel sponsorships with 26 barrels being sponsored for $500 and 14 that were purchased outright for $1000.

As we celebrate our 40th we have partnered with various non-profits to help with their fundraising.
The Ruby Affair auction proceeds will go to United Way of Wine Country and Worth Our Weight, it will be divided 50/50
40 Years of Cheers! – the community festival, wine tasting ticket proceeds will go to Becoming Independent
Art of Oak – barrel sales and auction will go to the Wells Fargo Center, Children’s Art Programs.
There is also the Redwood Empire Food Bank instant wine cellar raffle and we will continue to donate $1 from each of our annual event tickets to the REFB.

Sign up form attached

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