ADA Compliant Websites

Beth Costa on Sep 27, 2019

Hello to all Wine Road wineries and lodgings –

This morning we hosted a presentation from Amy Lieberfarb on working to make your website ADA Compliant.
This is a hot button issue as many of our members have received a letter from an attorney, stating their intent to sue, over your non-compliant sites.

Amy’s presentation showed the steps you can take to bring your site up to ADA Compliance.

In the meantime, we have been asked to have members that have received these letters to please let us know. We are reaching out to Senator Mike McGuire, asking his help with this matter and we need to let him know how many people have already been contacted.

If you have received a letter and want to be included in the letter to Senator McGuire, please let me know by Monday (Sept. 30). Time is of the essence, we need to address this ASAP.


Posted by Beth Costa