Are You Open for Outdoor Tastings

Beth Costa on Jul 24, 2020

Hello to all of our winery members –

I am putting together videos and sharing online that “Over 100 Wine Road wineries are OPEN for outdoor tasting”.

That is a number I have pulled out of thin air – assuming if you have the space you are pouring.
Like then say…never assume.

Before I carry on, I want to confirm who is open with outdoor tastings.

I have also been saying – ALL wineries require an appointment, but I also encourage people not to hesitate to call, even at the last minute. If a winery has room, they will gladly seat you.

So let me know if you are OPEN for tastings now.
This will be another list…short and sweet

Please send me in this format

Beth’s Winery
Open Fri-Mon 11:00-4:00

The header will say;
All winers are open by appointment only.
These wineries are all offering outdoor seated tasting experiences.


Posted by Beth Costa