Board of Directors Application

Beth Costa on Dec 8, 2016

To all Wine Road wineries and lodgings-

At our annual Membership Meeting last night, we discussed the need for members to serve on our Board of Directors.
The applications may be turned in at any time between now and Jan. 13th.

The application is attached. If there is someone you think would be a great candidate, encourage them to submit an application, or submit one for yourself.

Prior to adding anyone to the ballot our current Board President and Vice President will meet with each candidate to review the responsibilities and answer any questions they may have. This is to ensure anyone who is on the ballot is fully committed to serving their term and understands the responsibilities.

The Board of Directors determines the mission, goals, bylaws and policies of the organization. They establish fiscal policy, budgets and financial controls. The board represents the organization to the community at large. The board reviews all committee recommendation and has the responsibility to approve or denial all committee proposals.

Applications Dec. 7- Jan. 13
Interviews Jan. 16-20
Online ballot to members Feb. 1
Voting ends Feb.10

Please consider running. The association is only as strong as their board. We need to ensure representation from both large and small producers and all three of the AVAs we represent.

Questions, please contact Robin Calkins from Jackson Family Wines our current President or Julia Lander from Moshin Vineyards our Vice President. Both are copied above.

Please email for an application.

Posted by Beth Costa