Friendly Reminder – No Smokey Photos….

Beth Costa on Aug 10, 2018
Harvest is right around the corner, we should be heading into our busiest time of year for both our wineries and our lodgings.
We need your help to make that happen.
Visitors are cancelling or postponing their visits right and left, as we collectively continue to paint a grey picture of smoke filled skies with our social media posts.
News spreads fast these days. We can’t continue to tell people how scary it is here, how depressing to see the smoke filled skies, how bad the air quality is, our concerns about smoke taint in the vineyards….and then expect them to come visit.
We’re in the hospitality business. We need to paint a beautiful picture of what it’s like here, put our best foot forward, put on our happy face and show the world we are open for business.
The perception is that all of California is on fire and that this is not the time to visit. It is national news, we need to stop that message or harvest will come and go with no visitors.
Let’s make a plan to go out today and find something BEAUTIFUL around our wineries or lodgings and share it on social – use the hashtag #wineroadlife.
Please share this message with your staff. The more people sharing BEAUTIFUL photos instead of smokey grey photos the better!
The ball is in our court to invite people to come to Sonoma County.

Posted by Beth Costa