Health Insurance questions

Beth Costa on Jan 3, 2020

Hello to all of our winery and lodging members –

Happy New Year!

You should have all received a letter from us (in the actual mail) letting you know about a new program we are looking into.

It seems that most wineries and lodgings are not able to provide health insurance for their employees, or offer employees an option to cover the premiums themselves.

We have been looking into creating a group plan for Wine Road members.

Before we continue woking on this idea, we need to know if there really is enough interest among our members.

We would appreciate it if you could answer a VERy brief survey.

This is NOT a commitment to buy insurance, we simply need to know if you would be interested if the plan and cost were competitive.

This is the link to the survey – it’s anonymous.


beth costa executive director/ring leader

Phone: 707-433-4335
Address: 1437 Grove Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448
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Posted by Beth Costa