Lodging Member Meeting

Beth Costa on Apr 5, 2019

Hello to our Wine Road Lodging Members –
We are hoping to meet with all of you to discuss some ideas we have been floating around.

Please join us Wednesday April 24th at 11:00am at the Best Western Dry Creek Inn, in Healdsburg – in the Krug Event Center, entrance on Grove Street.

RSVP to Beth@WineRoad.com

Some ideas to get us started, things you can be thinking over.

1. We’re completely revamping Wine & Food Affair in November. I’d like to find a way to highlight the lodgings that do great breakfasts. Lodgings that offer a “signature dish”. Is there a way we can highlight that for the event? Do lodgings want to host people or offer a cooking class. Maybe there is no interest, but I’d like the group of lodging to decide what may work.

2. Airbnb – how many of our lodgings are working with them? Is there a way we can highlight that or add those packages to our website? Again, I need the lodgings let us know what works.

3. What are your thoughts on having vacation rentals on our website as members. Currently they are not allowed per out bylaws. It would take an official vote of the membership to change that. What is your opinion as a current lodging member? Would that take away from your business, or do we have a number of lodging that also have vacation rentals?

4. What would help drive traffic to our member lodgings? We have a limited budget, but is there something you would collectively like to see added to our site. To me, a “book it now” button would help, but you do not all use the same reservation system, so that does not seem like a possibility. Do you want to take turns posting to our blog, or sponsoring our podcast or….. ? We need ideas.

5. What is happening in the world of lodging that we are not addressing?

Please bring any ideas that you think the group should discuss or consider.

Your current Wine Road Board of Directors lodging representatives

· Dan Christensen – Geyserville Inn (also serves on the Executive Board)

· Jenny Lamarre – Fern Grove Cottages

· Thomas Schwarting – Farmhouse Inn

Posted by Beth Costa