Looking For Donation Items

Beth Costa on Dec 4, 2017


We will be creating an online auction and raffle to benefit the 60+ people that work for a Wine Road member, and lost their home in the recent fires.

We will be working through United Way of Wine Country to facilitate the dispursement of funds.

If you are interested in donating we are looking for several things.

1. We hope to create the Sonoma Magazine top 100 wines as an instant cellar. So if you have one of those wines – we’d love a bottle.

2. We hope to have one package be Magnums – ideally 10 or more total.

3. We will be combining other “experiences” into LARGE bundled packages, valued at $5000 or more. Guest houses, extensive tours, private dinners with winery owners and winemakers.

4. Have any favors you can call in? Autographed merchandise from celebrities, tickets to professional games, private helicopter tours. Vacation rental homes in Tahoe, beach side property, cabins in the woods – etc.

5. Individual bottles of wine will be combined into various “instant cellars”.

We cannot use smaller items for this particular auction (hats, shirts, corkscrews etc).

Donation form attached.
We hope to launch this online by Dec. 15th and run it through Jan. 15th.

If you have wine, a magnum or gift certificate to donate and you are attending our Annual Meeting tomorrow night at the Vintners Inn, please bring it. Less running around for all of us.


Fire Donation Fund

Posted by Beth Costa