Member Memo – July 14, 2015

Beth Costa on Jul 16, 2015

It’s Time For Our Annual Meeting…tomorrow 5:30-8:30 at Trione Winery We look forward to seeing the 160 members who have sent in their RSVP. We are no longer able to add to our guest list.

We are thrilled to announce we now have 201 winery members! Welcome to our 3 newest members:
Pellegrini Wine Company
Joseph Jewell
Rochioli Winery

Used Barrels Needed
Art of Oak
Right now, we need 30 barrels for our Art of Oak program (we already have 10!)
40 artists will turn those sponsored barrels into works of art, which will then be auction off (for a yet to be determined non-profit). We want to rock and roll – get the barrels here, then delivered to the artists so they can start the magic! $500 if you want to be a sponsor, $1000 if you want to sponsor AND then own the finished product. Let me know…Beth

Wine & Food Affair – DEADLINE is TOMORROW
If you plan to participate in Wine & Food Affair, please fax in your sign up form (link below) and upload your recipe to our online cookbook. The link for the recipe was emailed to members via Kreck Designs last week. The deadline is July 15 to sign up, submit your recipe and drop off the bottle of wine for your bottle shot (for your recipe wine pairing). Sign-Up Form

Food MANAGER or ServSafe and a new Sensory Wine Tasting Experience…
Learn Something New…we’ve got you covered. We currently have dates booked for all of the classes mentioned above. Download the link for the various sign-up forms. TiPs is FILLED at this point, still space for ServSafe, Food Manager and Sensory Tasting (Sept & Oct dates)
TiPS & ServSafe
Food Manager
Sensory Tasting

Yearly Assessment – they were in the mail June 24 – due anytime between now and Aug. 31. $450 for lodgings, $800 for wineries and $1600 for a co-op tasting room. Assessment and any other past due invoices (event ticket money) MUST be paid in order to sign up for and participate in Wine & Food Affair. Download Form Here

40th Ruby Anniversary…what a year it will be!
Details about our year-long celebration were mailed out two weeks ago and sign-up forms are rolling in every day! We still need YOUR help gathering sponsors, we have great packages to offer for vendors wanting to connect with our members or those wanting their name in front of our event attendees. HELP us contact vendors, give us some email introductions and we’ll take it from there. Marcy Gordon is managing the sponsorship project, she can be reached at . All other Anniversary questions should go to

Where should we donate?
We asked you that last week and you sent in a variety of suggestions. I’ve added them all to a short survey. If you could click on the survey link and check off your top TWO choices, that will help our Events Committee and Board of Directors make their choices. These are funds we will raise during various events in 2016 – auctions, Art of Oak barrels, wine tasting ticket money from smaller events.
Take the Survey

CA Wine Month
We sent out a notice yesterday letting you know we’re gathering information for CA Wine Month. This is sponsored by the Wine Institute and after 10 years CA Wine Month does generate quite a bit of press. We will post our program on the home page of our website AND we advertise in Alaska Airlines Magazine. We’ll also share links and blog posts via social media sites. If YOU want to offer a special for the MONTH of September, please click on the link and send information in the format shown below, so we can easily cut and paste it to our program.
Winery or Lodging Name
Text of offer (60 words max. – use word count)

Help – Looking for Volunteers
We continue to coordinate volunteers for the Redwood Empire Food Bank the 1st Thursday of EVERY month. We need you there from 9:00-11:00, sorting food, bagging fruit, boxing packaged food etc. GREAT team building experience for your staff. We need to have 6-10 people each month, often it is 1-2 volunteers from a winery or lodging – but we get 10 all together. If we have MORE it would be even better! Dates: Aug. 6, Sept. 13, Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 5 Email Beth if you can work one of these dates.

Posted by Beth Costa