New Concierge Service

Beth Costa on Aug 3, 2015

Hello Wine Road Wineries –

We are excited to announce an updated “concierge service” on our website.

I want to introduce you to TerraDash, a new web + mobile solution for wineries and wine tourists. The Wine Road is now using TerraDash to provide our website visitors with a personalized concierge service through the TerraDash integrated web and mobile tools. The result for our visitors is automated pre-matched recommendations of wineries, based on their preferences, complete trip itineraries for their trips with detailed schedules, even visit confirmations, and optimized routing. The TerraDash mobile app guides visitors the entire way and at each winery destination becomes their logbook for reviews, ratings and social sharing. We’ll be adding the TerraDash capabilities for Wine Road major events as well.

TerraDash provides a parallel solution for wineries.with pre-matching, advance visit notifications, post-visit engagement and analytics. I have negotiated a 30% discount on the Pro version for Wine Road winery members. Here’s their website — for wineries. Every member is included at NO charge, but if you are interested in an enhanced listing, please connect with Shaheen (copied above) for details.

Finally I want to introduce to you the founders of TerraDash, Shaheen Kazi and Eugene Weiss. Shaheen and Eugene built TerraDash based on their own experiences and needs visiting Sonoma over the last decade and a half. In fact Wine Road’s Barrel Tasting and Winter WINEland were the inspirations for TerraDash. Shaheen will be following up with you over the next week.

Here is the link from our website – Just click on the Let’s Go button

Posted by Beth Costa