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Beth Costa on Jan 25, 2019

Hello to all Wine Road wineries –

Some of you may have connected with Jamie Cegelski-Gaebe at our Annual Meeting, she is the founder of Priority Wine Pass.

Wine Road will be partnering with her to promote both our Wine Road Tasting Pass and our Barrel Tasting Weekends.
And what is Priority Wine Pass you ask?

It gets members (visitors) special offers, elevated experiences, and special experiences at wineries and tasting rooms in California, Oregon and Washington.

It’s a network of over 400 participating wineries

Each has a unique offer like complimentary tastings, 2 for 1 tastings, upgraded reserve & barrel tastings, complimentary tasting with purchases, discounts on wine, special VIP only experiences etc.

Also included with their membership is a concierge service. Members can get customized tasting itineraries so they spend less time researching about their trip and more time tasting at places that have the types of wine they love.

There are currently 25,000 Priority Pass Members and growing

Demographics: 65% Female, Averages income $185K, 36% age 25-35, 48% 46-59

How Wine Road will partner & promote…

Wine Road Tasting Pass
Priority Wine Pass members will be able to purchase our Wine Road Tasting Pass with a Members Only promo code.

Barrel Tastings
Priority Wine Pass partners with BevMo. They will be sending out an email to promote a package that includes Priority Wine Pass AND a weekend to Barrel Tasting. This email will be going to nearly 1 million BevMo subscribers and to an additional 25,000 Priority Wine Pass subscribers.

This is where you come in
As a winery…
YOU may want to sign on to be included in the Priority Wine Pass.
It is an easy process.
· Being a Wine Road member they will not charge a setup fee
· They do require a 1 year participation (although you can choose to alter your offer at anytime)
· You can give us guidelines based off the volume you want and when you want it and we can help to accommodate that.
· Fill out this form here or please email or call Jamie (925) 817-7722 with any questions

Jamie can answer any questions you may have about the program, how to sign up and how many guests you may expect to see. She has great data on the sales to date and what other wineries are experiences and the types of offers most members (pass buyers) are interested in.

Posted by Beth Costa