Rancho Mirage – new pouring opportunity

Beth Costa on Nov 24, 2017

Hello to all of our Wine Road wineries –

We are heading to Rancho Mirage on February 17th for the new Rancho Mirage Wine & Food Festival.

This event is being coordinated by the same team that hosts the very successful VinDiego in San Diego every April.
We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our members to connect with high-end customers, many of which have second homes in the Rancho Mirage area. They are the perfect customer for you to connect with. There will also be press and trade attending the event.
Wine Road will also be hosting a trade tasting/seminar on Friday the 16th to promote our Esprit du Rhône event planned for May.

This event will be all about your WINE, not beer or spirits. The organizers do an excellent job of keeping the focus on wine.
They anticipate selling 2000 tickets this first year. The city of Rancho Mirage is very supportive of the event and putting dollars behind promoting it.

The table cost is $150 for Wine Road members.
We would really love to see 20 wineries there, creating a DESTINATION Wine Road section.
To that end, we will reimburse any winery that registers $50 to help offset your expenses.

There are currently 8 Wine Road wineries on board.

Questions please contact David Fraschetti – copied above.


Posted by Beth Costa