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Beth Costa on Jul 19, 2019

To all of our Wine Road wineries –
This is a great little product, we wanted you to know about. We’ve talked about it on our podcast and tried them out at home.
Wine preservation can be as easy as putting a cork back in a bottle!
Meet Repour®, the first wine preservation product on the market using active oxygen absorption to continuously remove oxygen from inside the bottle and from the wine itself. An effective, affordable alternative to Coravin® and other preservation systems, it will eliminate wine loss, enhance your tasting program, and improve your bottom line.

“In a fast-paced tasting room environment, I love the fact I can just pop off Repour, pour my wine confidently knowing it’s ready to be enjoyed immediately, and then just put the stopper back on and move on to the next bottle. I was skeptical at first but now am a believer. Repour is quick, efficient, and easy.”
Pablo, Truchard Vineyards

“We finally found a wine preserver that works! Our winemaker, Zak Miller, tested Repour; here is what he had to say: “Wow, what a surprise. At 3 days it was a huge success. It was much better than an opened bottle and pretty much the same as a fresh bottle. At 7 days, it was still impressive. There was a difference from the unopened bottle, but not much…I’m shocked!”
Domaine Carneros
Repour is happy to extend a savings to Wine Road members of 20% off on your first order, use WineRoad20 as the discount code at checkout, the link is below. The discount is effective now through August 31.

Questions, please reach out to Barb at Repour. She’d love to hear from you!
Contact Barb Tyree for more information:

As a side note, they were just written up in Wired Magazine last month: Review, Repour – Wine Saver

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