San Diego Bay Wine & Food – sign up now

Beth Costa on Apr 26, 2016

Good afternoon Wine Road wineries,

Once again we will be heading down to the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival on Nov. 18 (Trade Tasting) and 19th (Grand Tasting).
We would love to see 20+ of our members join the event. DETAILS

Wineries need to participate in the Trade Tasting and Grand Tasting, Nov. 18 & 19.
Register by JUNE 1st for $450. Wine Road will reimburse $250 (registration goes up $100 after June 1).

Fill out the registration, send us a copy and we will send you a check for $250.
Note on your registration you are part of WINE ROAD so your table is with our group.
We have ordered large flag/banners to showcase our area at the event.

Posted by Beth Costa