San Diego Bay Wine & Food and VinDiego

Beth Costa on Oct 4, 2016

Good afternoon Wine Road wineries,

Once again we will be heading down to the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival on Nov. 18 (Trade Tasting) and 19th (Grand Tasting).
We would love to see 20+ of our members join the event. DETAILS

Wineries need to participate in the Trade Tasting and Grand Tasting, Nov. 18 & 19.
Registration is now $650 Wine Road will reimburse $250.

We have 9 wineries on board, but it would be great to have more…more is better.
Fill out the registration, send us a copy and we will send you a check for $250.
Note on your registration you are part of WINE ROAD so your table is with our group.
We have ordered large flag/banners to showcase our area at the event.
We will once again be attending VinDiego in San Diego on April 8th, 2017.
If you are interested in participating in this event, Wine Road will help offset your table costs by reimbursing you $175 once you register.

Details and sign-up information is attached.
We already have 6 wineries on board, but we are shooting for 12.
This is a great tasting focused on wine, no beer or spirits.
If you have questions please reach out to David Fraschetti the event coordinator.

Posted by Beth Costa