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Beth Costa on Aug 30, 2019

To all of our Wine Road members –

You can help your customers by sharing our podcast.
We include information about places to stay, new restaurants, what’s new in Sonoma County, along with a bit of wine information.

Wine Road Podcast

We hear from our listeners all the time about how much they appreciate the information. We help them plan their trips and those that are on the fence about visiting, we give them reasons to plan their trip.

If you shared the link with in your wine club newsletters, you would have them thanking YOU. Your customers want suggestions about places to go and things to do while they are in the area.

Some recent comments –

Thanks for all the good info. Love listening to the podcast. Always hear or learn something new and interesting.
Mike Pardini
San Carlos Ca 94070

I discovered your podcast and after listening to one of the recent episodes, decided to visit your website. I’m very impressed with the content of the podcast and now look forward to utilizing your website. By way of background, my wife and I are frequent visitors of Sonoma County.
Rocky Lucia
Concord, CA 94521

Hello Beth,
I was enjoying episode 86 of the Wine Road podcast and heard your mention of additional reviews needed on iTunes.
I just left a five star review under the username “Gourlead”.
Adam Gourley

I am planning a trip to your area and have been looking for podcasts and stumbled across yours! I would normally start from the beginning and binge listen, but want to make sure I get the most current info first since our trip is in Sept. I was so excited to hear about Alaska Air and their wine flies for free offer. I verified that our wine will fly for free from SFO back to Orlando and I am just so excited! I even rated your podcast (with that info) on iTunes!

On one of the episodes I heard one of you likes Cabernet Franc. We do too and am still looking for a winery that makes an amazing Cab Franc. Do you know of a place? Also, are there any ‘not to be missed’ wineries (we love Cabernet Sauvignon too).

Thanks for your amazing podcast filled with lots of information! I need to go…I have more Wine Road episodes to listen to 😀

By the way, this is my 5th trip to wine country. My last trip was in 2003. I know a lot has changed. There are four of us going this trip, the other three have never even been to California.

Brenda Wall
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Ms. Costa and Ms. Gordon,
I recently became aware of your Podcasts and began listening to them a couple weeks ago. This week I had a four hour drive and was able to “binge listen” to many (perhaps seven) of your Podcasts in a row. They were terrific.

You two have a great chemistry going, and the sound effects of the wine pouring, etc, really set the stage for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. I have visited Sonoma many times (6 Food and Wine Affairs, plus Barrel Tasting and other visits). You have really brought the flavor of Sonoma wine country to these productions – and I really enjoy them.

Tom Rebel
Atlanta, GA

Hi Beth,
I really enjoy your podcasts. I recently returned to Sonoma County and am working part time at the Russian River Rose Company as Manager of Communications.

BTW…I just semi-retired after working at National Public Radio in Portland. I still produce some content for 25 stations from my home studio in Healdsburg.
Keep up the good work! I’ll be listening. smiley-smile.gif
Raoul van Hall

I am new to your podcast but not the Wine Road. My wife and I have been barrel tasting 3 times. I like that event more than she does. I am writing this to inform you that we will be there on Jan 11-13. Are there any wineries that you can recommend that primarily serve Pinots??
Kokomo,Balletto,Matrix,Hannah,Twomey,Merry Edwards,Pappa Pietro Perry,Thomas George,Inman,VML,Hop Kiln,Jigar,Occidental,Taft,Joseph Jewell,Dutchess Crossing are just some of the wineries that we have been to that I can think just off the top of my head!!!!!
This will be the 7th time we have been up there!! (we live in LA county)
If you are available any time during that weekend to have a glass (or 2) it would be a pleasure to meet you guys in person!!
All the best,
Jonathan Paley

Heard the podcast today on the Vivino app. Learned new opportunities to use. Not long ago used at a restaurant and actually their highest price wine in the category we wanted to drink was not the best rated, so great for that function. As always thanks for this terrific podcast.
Beth thanks very much, next time I head down your way with my wife, would love to meet and just say hi .

Take care, Leo from Walnut Creek .
Sent from my iPhone
Leo Dominguez

There are more, but you get the idea.
We also have 25, 5-star and 2, 4-star reviews on iTunes. It takes quite a bit of effort to find the page and write a review, so we appreciate all of them.

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