#SipSonoma recap

Beth Costa on Nov 22, 2019

We are removing the landing page for the $5 shipping offer via #SipSonoma tonight (after 5:00)
That was the plan, to offer it through Nov. 22. You can of course offer it for as long as you want.

Since the #SipSonoma page launched, we had:
83 wineries participated – this is the link in case you missed it: $5 shipping
4300 people click on the landing page on our website
4200 viewed the video and 52 people shared the video
3000 people were reached with the first #SipSonoma facebook post
1200 Instagram posts have shared the hashtag #SipSonoma
Hard to measure, but hundreds of facebook posts with the hashtag as well; wineries, visitor centers, businesses, and individuals.

Ideally this promotion helped direct people to your wineries to buy wine.
We would really appreciate it if any of you would share with us how many people used the promo code SipSonoma.
We will not share YOUR data, but it would help us determine the overall value of the promotion, as we also put ad dollars behind promoting it.
We don’t need sales numbers, just the number of orders placed & the number of cases sold using the promo code.

Beginning in December we will have a new #SipSonoma banner/landing page on our website.
It will promote a photo contest – we intend to give out three packages, valued at $5000, $2500 and $500.

Customers will show us how they #SipSonoma through the holidays….via Instagram.
The goal is to keep Sonoma top of mind for WINE…

We are still working out the exact contest details, which will all be online. Contest will run through January.

For now I am looking for 2 lodgings interested in providing 2 free nights of lodging for the winners. Your lodging photo will be used to promote the packages.

I also need 2 wineries interested in providing a complimentary, seating wine and food pairing.
We will also need a photo from you to include in the package description.

We will be working with our restaurant and transportation partners to complete the packages.
We will be putting ad dollars behind this contest and hope to reach an even bigger audience.


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