Be a speaker – Rhone Varietals – Rancho Mirage

Beth Costa on Sep 25, 2017

To all Wine Road wineries –

The team organizing the new Rancho Mirage Wine & Food event on Feb. 17th, would like to add a TRADE component on Friday Feb. 16th. This would include various seminars, hosted by AVAs or winery associations. We have been asked to offer a seminar on Rhone varietals.

I am sending a note to determine who may be interested.
The details need to be worked out, but tentatively they are planning 3 seminars, an hour each, with 4-6 winemakers per seminar.
It would be in the afternoon for trade to best fit it into their schedule. With the plethora of restaurants in the area, they anticipate about 30-40 people in attendance.

If you would like to be a speaker and share your Rhones with trade, please let me know.
I will forward to the organizer David Fraschetti and we will go from there, creating an outline of what our seminar will look like.

The cost of the table at the Saturday tasting is $150, Wine Road is reimbursing $50. If you are able to be a speaker, we will reimburse the full cost of $150.

They would like to begin promoting the trade aspect of the event, so we need to confirm our participation by Oct. 6th.

Something to keep in mind – they would like to replicate these seminars in San Diego on April 12th at VinDiego. You would not have to do both, but if you are planning to attend VinDiego you may want to plan for this.

I have attached the sign-up form for the Saturday tasting Feb. 17th.


Posted by Beth Costa