Wine Road Golf Tournament – need help

Beth Costa on Sep 4, 2019

Hello All –
We need to create a planning committee for our 1st ever Wine Road Golf Tournament, which will take place May 29, 2020, at Windsor Golf Course.

We need YOUR help!
We need to brainstorm a great NAME for our tournament.
We need people willing to phone a friend (so to speak) and get sponsorships.
We need people to commit to helping the day of, with the auction, driving drink carts, handing out awards etc.

If you’re a golfer we’d love your input on the contests you think are cool, and other extras you’ve seen at tournaments that you enjoyed. We want this to be a fun day for our Wine Road fans and wineries.

We will be looking to have a winery owner or a winemaker as a part of each foursome.
The driving force for our participants will be to “golf with a winery owner or winemaker”.
So if you golf – save the date! We’ll want you there.

Let me know if you’re interested in helping out. I’ll be sending out a doodle survey to find a date that works for everyone to meet, sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

Thanks –

Posted by Beth Costa