Wine Road Tasting Pass – how to participate

Beth Costa on Apr 16, 2019

Hello to all of our Wine Road wineries –

Debbie is about to update the information we have online for our Wine Road Tasting Pass.
Some of you have already responded to her inquiry about participation.

For everyone else, who may not know about the program – here’s the scoop:

Customers buy a pass for $35 for 1-day of tasting.
Each participant winery offers a minimum of 3 wines for tasting.
Orders are placed online, the customer select the DATE they are going to use it.
They print out (or show on their phone) the ticket, at each winery they visit.

This is not a 2 for 1 tasting, it’s complimentary tasting of 3 wines, for each ticket holder.

We promote the heck out of this offer!
We let customers know there are about 60 wineries for them to chose from.
We share details in our concierge requests, we advertise in Alaska Airlines magazine and via TripAdvisor.

These are people who may have never heard of your winery and are only visiting because of the Tasting Pass.
This is your chance to sell them wine, not just collect a tasting fee.
So many visitors have tasting fee fatigue, they want to spend their money on wine…they don’t know if they want your wine until they taste it.
The Tasting Pass will bring you NEW customers.
Make them wine club members, up-sell them to a reserve tasting, or a food pairing after they’ve fallen in love with your first three wines.

Don’t think of this as non-buyers and losing out on a tasting fee.
This of it as people discovering new wineries (new to them) and now they have money for wine. Sell them yours.

We update the list of participants once a year, in May.

Deadline to be added to the list (or removed if you no longer want to participate) is April 26th.

Current list of participants HERE
Where to buy tickets HERE

Connect with if you like to be added to the list (by April 26th).

Posted by Beth Costa