Monthly Recap – June 2015

Beth Costa on Jul 6, 2015
June 2015
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May 30-June 3
Wine/Travel Writers Visit

We hosted a group of three freelance writers from Seattle and one from SF for four days of touring and tasting along the Wine Road. We were able to visit or showcase 5 lodging properties, 12 wineries, 4 restaurants and travel in style via our partnership with Jordan Vineyard & Winery and Pure Luxury. We’ll share their stories as they are published.
Show Time…
June 6-7 Monterey Wine Festival
Anne hit the road to promote our members during the Monterey Bay Wine & Food Festival. The event drew 4000+ attendees, which are all an easy drive away from us. We grew our email list, gave out maps and shared your stories. Eight members wineries were there pouring wines, taking orders and signing up wine club members.  A very sucessful weekend!
Persistence / Perseverance
pen-signature-md copy
June 11
We managed to collect nearly 300 signature for our online petition to the Board of Supervisors. We petitioned for them to NOT increase the permit fees for the Health Dept and to help streamline the process. SUCCESS – after submitting our petition the folks at the Health Dept called to meet with us. They agree the permit and process is in need of streamlining. They also agree that many wineries already have permits that would/should cover the event weekends. SO, more to follow on this front, but the times are a changing…

   Wine & Food Affair
June 8 – sign up begins…
We mailed the event details and sign up form for Wine & Food Affair to all Wine Road members. This was followed up by an email from KRECK Design with a link to upload your recipe. Here we go – full speed ahead into what we lovingly refer to as “event season”. This is a season that typically requires a fair amout of wine consumption!
In Case You Are Out Of The Loop
We had absolutley nothing to do with this, but it certainly made JUNE a fun month!

Wine Road did run an ad in the SF Chronicle’s commemmorative section. We gave a promo code DUBS for a discount on our “Ticket to the Wine Road. Seems to be a big hit thus far!



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