Wine Awards

We’re excited to share the following accolades received by the wineries along the Wine Road.

If you don’t see your favorite winery, don’t despair. Not all wineries send their wines for review or to competitions, but that doesn’t make their wines any less delicious.

Many of our winery members produce small lots of wine, so their case production is too small to meet the criteria for wine competitions. Plus, most reviewing sources require a wine be either distributed out of state or produced in large enough quantity to be available for purchase for several weeks after the review is published.

We hope this list of scores and awards will encourage you to explore new wines and new wineries on your next visit along the Wine Road.

Woodenhead Winery, Sonoma County Harvest Fair, Gold
Wine: 2017 Pinot Noir, Buena Tierra Vineyard, Clone 115, Block E, RRV
Phone: 707-887-2703
Date Awarded: September 2022
2017 was marked by a generous vintage, with incredible Pinot Noirs produced in the Russian River Valley. Colors of medium bright red rubies. Perfume of cherry blossoms, musk rose, plums, spicy cherry pie, some nutmeg, and toasty oak, with sort of a Russian River wildness to it. The smell of the river environment at dusk when it’s still, a kind of herbal vegetal greenness that is the Riparian zone. So much going on here—yum! The palate bursts forth with a richness of black cherries, cola, rhubarb, green tea, and juiciness. All with a touch of forest floor, which is ...