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Jeff Cohn Cellars on Jan 7, 2022


Taste in the Heart of Healdsburg

My Rhône-centric philosophy is the essence of each wine I produce: Rhône varietals, blends, sparkling, and single-vineyard Zinfandels.

So, what is this Rhône-centric philosophy, that I speak of? It starts with my true passion for wines that come from both the Northern and Southern Rhône Valley, and other parts of the South of France.

It’s rooted in my curiosity and understanding a terroir’s minerality and what it gives the wine. It’s immersing myself into the viticulture of each appellation and my winemaking practices.

It’s the culmination of the knowledge I have gained from my research, my overindulgence of wine and food of this region, my life-long friendships with Rhône winemakers, and my continuous experimentation both in the vineyard and in the cellar that drives my Rhône-centric style. For me, it is very much a Zen thing.


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