37th Annual Barrel Tasting
Wine Road - Northern Sonoma County
100+ Wineries!

March 6- 8 & March 13-15, 2015
11:00 am - 4:00 pm each day

Members of the Wine Road would like to welcome you to our wineries and lodgings for an exciting weekend of wine tasting. This is your chance to sample wines from the barrel, talk to winemakers and explore the beautiful Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys.

Barrel Tasting is not a food pairing or themed event.  It's all about the WINE...many wineries offer"futures" on their barrel samples. This is a chance to purchase wine now, often at a discount, then come back to the winery when the wine is bottled, typically 12-18 months from now. Many wines are so limited, buying futures is your only chance to purchase them.

Attendees are encouraged to pack a picnic as most wineries will not have food for this event. The ticket price includes the opportunity to sample wine from the barrel and in most cases also trying a limited number of current release wines. 

All participating wineries will be able to sell you a ticket at the door when the event begins.

At the door: $60 Weekend, $40 Sunday ONLY, $10 Designated Driver (food bank donation)

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 Wine Road ~ Barrel Tasting 2015

Advance Ticket Sales Have  Ended

Advance Tickets Online Prices - SALES HAVE ENDED

January 18th - March 2nd

$40 Weekend + 3.50 Sales Tax + 3.17 Service fee = $46.67

$30 Sunday Only + 2.63 Sales Tax + 2.62 Service fee = $35.25

$5 Designated Drivers + .44 Sales Tax = 1.26 Service fee = $6.70

CA sales tax and a service charge will be added to all ticket sales at checkout 


Advance ticket sales END March 2nd at 9pm

 At the door Prices:

$60 for the weekend

$40 for Sunday Only

$10 Designated Drivers

At the door prices include sales tax

Designated Driver tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at the door, all of these funds are a donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank ~ this ticket type does not include any wine tasting at all.  You may not sample from another guests glass, cannot have just a sip etc. 

Designated Drivers will need to wear a wristband and they must be with a ticketed attendee. 
If you would like to sample wine, you will need to purchase a tasting ticket.

NO children or babies allowed - no one under the age of 21


Also - when ordering tickets, please note wineries with an asterisk * next to their name
have requested no groups of 8 or more and no limos.  
The Wine Road requests NO Full-Size buses during this event.

Ticket sales are final and non-refundable.  Event takes place rain or shine.
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Barrel Tasting 2015 

BOLD italic indicates 1st weekend only
F indicates barrel tasting on Friday as well as Sat & Sun
* indicates no groups over 8, no limos

Scroll to the bottom if you would like to see the list by AREA.

ACORN Winery/Alegria Vineyards (F) *
Alexander Valley Vineyards *  (F)
Amphora Winery (F)
Armida Winery (F)
Balletto Vineyards (F)
Battaglini Estate Winery (F) *
Benovia Winery (F) * 1st Wkd Only
Blanchard Family Wines
Bluenose (F) *
Carol Shelton Wines (F)
Cast Wines (F) * 1st Wkd Only
C. Donatiello Winery 1st Wkd Only
Cellars of Sonoma (F)
Chalk Hill *
Chateau Diana (F)
Christopher Creek Winery (F)
Colagrossi Wines (F)
Collier Falls Vineyards (F) *
D’Argenzio Winery (F) *
Dashe Cellars (F) *
David Coffaro Winery (F)
deLorimier Winery (F)
Davis Family Vineyards (F) *
De La Montanya (F) 1st Wkd Only
DeLoach Vineyards *
Desmond Wines (F)
Deux Amis Winery (F) *
Dutcher Crossing Winery * 1st Wkd Only
Dutton Estate Winery (F)
Everett Ridge Winery (F) *
Field Stone Winery & Vineyard (F) *
Fog Crest Vineyard (F)
Foppiano Vineyards (F) * 1st Wkd Only
Forth Vineyards (F) *
Fritz Underground Winery (F)
Geyser Peak Winery
Graton Ridge Cellars (F) *
Hart’s Desire Wines (F) *
Hawley Winery
HANNA Winery– Alexander Valley (F) *
HANNA Winery – Russian River Valley (F) *
Harvest Moon Winery (F) *
HKG Estate, Hop Kiln Vineyards (F)
Holdredge Wines (F)
Hook & Ladder Winery (F)
Hudson Street Wineries (F) *
Inman Family Winery (F) *
Inspiration Vineyards & Winery (F)
Jigar Wines (*)
J. Keverson Winery (F) *
Joseph Swan Vineyards (F) * 1st Wkd Only
J. Rickards  (F) *
Kelley & Young Wines (F) *
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Garden
Kobler Estate (F)
Korbel Champagne Cellars *
Kachina Vineyards (F) *
Kokomo Winery 1st Wkd Only
Krutz Family Cellars (F) *
Lago di Merlo Vineyards & Winery (F) *
Lattanzio Wines (F) *
Lauterbach Cellars (F) *
Longboard Vineyards *
Lost Canyon Winery (F)
Malm Cellars (F)
Manzanita Creek Winery (F) *
Martorana Family Winery 1st Wkd Only
Mietz Cellars (F) *
Mercury Wine (F) *
Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery (F) *
Moshin Vineyards * 1st Wkd Only
Martin Ray Winery (F) *
Matrix Winery (F) *
Mauritson Family Winery * 1st Wkd Only
Mazzocco Sonoma Winery (F) *
Merriam Vineyards (F) *
The Meeker Vineyard
Mounts Family Winery (F)
Occidental Road Cellars (F) *
Old World Winery (F)
Optima Winery (F) 1st Wkd Only
Papapietro Perry (F)
Paradise Ridge Winery (F) *
Pech Merle (F)
Pedroncelli Winery (F) *
Pezzi King (F) *
Philip Staley Vineyards & Winery (F) *
Portalupi Wines (F) * 1st Wkd Only
Porter Creek Vineyards (F) *
Premonition Cellars (F)
Quivira Vineyards 1st Wkd Only
Red Car Wine Company (F) *
Ridge Vineyards
Roadhouse Winery
Robert Rue Winery (F)
Robert Young Estate Winery *
Route 128 Winery (F)
Ramazzotti Wines (F) *
Rodney Strong Vineyards * 1st Wkd Only
Roth Estate (F) *
Rued Vineyards & Winery (F) *
Russian River Vineyards (F) *
Sapphire Hill Winery (F) *
Sbragia Family Vineyards (F) * 1st Wkd Only
Selby Winery (F) *
Sheldon Wines (F) *
Siduri Wines & Novy Family Winery (F)
Simi Winery *
Skewis Wines (F) *
Soda Rock Winery (F) *
Starlite Vineyards (F) *
Stephen & Walker (F) * 1st Wkd Only
Sunce Winery (F)
Taft Street Winery (F) *
Talty Winery 1st Wkd Only
F. Teldeschi Winery
Topel Winery Tasting Room (F) *
Trattore Estate Wines *
Trione Winery (F) 1st Wkd Only
Trentadue Winery * 1st Wkd Only
Truett Hurst Winery (F) *
Valdez Family Winery (F)
Vino Valpredo Wine Co. (F)
Viszlay Vineyards (F) *
VML Winery (F) *
West Wines (F) *
Williamson Wines (F) *
Wilson Winery (F) *
White Oak Vineyards & Winery 1st Wkd Only
Zichichi Winery (F) * 1st Wkd Only

List of participating wineries by AREA...
As above, (F) is for Friday participation and * is for no groups of 8 or more
BOLD Italic indicates 1st weekend only

Alexander Valley
  1. Alexander Valley Vineyards *
  2. deLorimier Winery (F)
  3. Field Stone Winery & Vineyard (F) *
  4. HANNA Winery - Alexander Valley (F) *
  5. J. Rickards (F) *
  6. Robert Young Estate Winery *
  7. Simi Winery *
  8. Soda Rock Winery (F) *
  9. Starlite Vineyards (F) *
  10. Trione Winery (F) 1st wkd. only
  11. Trentadue Winery * 1st wkd. only
  12. White Oak Vineyards & Winery 1st wkd. only
Dry Creek Valley
  1. Amphora Winery (F)
  2. Armida Winery (F)
  3. Cast Wines (F) *
  4. Chateau Diana Winery (F)
  5. Collier Falls Vineyards (F) *
  6. Dashe Cellars (F) *
  7. David Coffaro Winery (F)
  8. De La Montanya (F) 1st wkd. only
  9. Dutcher Crossing Winery * 1st wkd. only
  10. Everett Ridge Winery (F) *
  11. Forth Vineyards (F) *
  12. Fritz Underground Winery (F)
  13. Geyser Peak Winery (new location)
  14. Kachina Vineyards (F) *
  15. Kokomo Winery 1st wkd. only
  16. Lago di Merlo Vineyards &  Winery (F) *
  17. Martorana Family Winery 1st wkd. only
  18. Mauritson Family Winery * 1st wkd. only
  19. Mazzocco Sonoma Winery (F) *
  20. Mietz Callars (F) *
  21. Mill Creek Vineyards & Winery (F) *
  22. Mounts Family Winery (F)
  23. Papapietro Perry (F)
  24. Pedroncelli Winery (F) *
  25. Philip Staley Vineyards & Winery (F) *
  26. Quivira Vineyards 1st wkd. only
  27. Ridge Vineyards
  28. Rued Vineyards & Winery (F) *
  29. Sbragia Family Vineyards (F) * 1st wkd. only
  30. Talty Winery 1st wkd. only
  31. F. Teldeschi Winery
  32. Trattore Estate Wines *
  33. Truett Hurst Wienry (F) *
  34. West Wines (F) *
  35. Wilson Winery (F) *
  36. Zichichi Winery (F) * 1st wkd. only
Geyserville - In Town
  1. Locals Tasting Room
  2. The Meeker Vineyard
  3. Mercury Wine (F) *
  4. Pech Merle (F)
  5. Route 128 Winery (F)
  6. Ramazzotti Wines (F) *

Healdsburg - In Town
  1. Blanchard Family Wines
  2. Bluenose (F) *
  3. C. Donatiello Winery 1st wkd. only
  4. Davis Family Vineyards (F) *
  5. Hart’s Desire Wines (F) *
  6. Hawley Winery
  7. Holdredge Wines (F)
  8. Hudson Street Wineries (F) *
  9. J. Keverson Winery (F) *
  10. Kelley & Young Wines (F) *
  11. Kobler Estate (F)
  12. Longboard Vineyards *
  13. Malm Cellars (F)
  14. Manzanita Creek Winery (F) *
  15. Optima Winery (F) 1st wkd. only
  16. Pezzi King (F) *
  17. Portalupi Wines (F) * 1st wkd. only
  18. Roadhouse Winery
  19. Sapphire Hill Winery (F) *
  20. Selby Winery (F) *
  21. Skewis Wines (F) *
  22. Stephen & Walker (F) *
  23. Topel Winery Tasting Room (F) *
  24. Valdez Family Winery (F)
  25. Williamson Wines (F) *

Russian River Valley
  1. ACORN Winery/Alegria Vineyard (F) *
  2. Balletto Vineyards (F)
  3. Battaglini Estate Winery (F) *
  4. Benovia Winery (F) * 1st wkd. only
  5. Chalk Hill *
  6. Christopher Creek Winery (F)
  7. DeLoach Vineyards *
  8. Dutton Estate Winery (F)
  9. Fog Crest Vineyard (F)
  10. Foppiano Vineyards (F) * 1st wkd. only
  11. Graton Ridge Cellars (F) *
  12. HANNA Winery - Russian River Valley (F) *
  13. Harvest Moon Winery (F) *
  14. HKG Estate, Hop Kiln Vineyards (F)
  15. Hook & Ladder Winery (F)
  16. Inman Family Winery (F) *
  17. Jigar Wines *
  18. Joseph Swan Vineyards (F) * 1st wkd. only
  19. Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Garden
  20. Korbel Champagne Cellars *
  21. Lauterbach Cellars (F) *
  22. Martin Ray Winery (F) *
  23. Matrix Winery (F) *
  24. Merriam Vineyards (F) *
  25. Moshin Vineyards * 1st wkd. only
  26. Occidental Road Cellars (F) *
  27. Old World Winery (F)
  28. Paradise Ridge Winery (F) *
  29. Porter Creek Vineyards (F) *
  30. Red Car Wine Company (F) *
  31. Robert Rue Winery (F)
  32. Rodney Strong Vineyards * 1st wkd. only
  33. Roth Estate (F) *
  34. Russian River Vineyards (F) *
  35. Sunce Winery (F)
  36. Taft Street Winery (F) *
  37. Viszlay Vineyards (F) *
  38. VML Winery (F) *

Santa Rosa - In Town
  1. Carol Shelton Wines (F)
  2. Cellar of Sonoma (F)
  3. D’Argenzio Winery (F) *
  4. Desmond Wines (F)
  5. Inspiration Vineyards & Winery (F)
  6. Krutz Family Cellars (F) *
  7. Lattanzio Wines (F) 8
  8. Lost Canyon Winery (F)
  9. Premonition Cellars (F)
  10. Sheldon Wines (F) *
  11. Siduri Wines & Novy Family Winery (F)

Windsor - In Town
  1. Colagrossi Wines (F)
  2. Deux Amis Winery (F) *
  3. Vino Valpredo Wine Co. (F)


 Wine Road ~ Barrel Tasting 2015

Click Link To See PDF File With The Complete Program

 Wine Road ~ Barrel Tasting 2015

When buying wristbands & tasting glasses at the door,
 each person in the party must be present.  
The winery staff will need to check each person's ID to confirm they are at least 21 years old, then attach your event wristband.   Wristbands and glasses are not handed out to one person buying for the group.
  • Tickets are good for one (1) weekend only.
  • Ticket sales are final and non-refundable.  Event takes place rain or shine. 
  • Tickets are not transferable to other Wine Road Events
  • Ticket admits only 1 person.
  • Tickets are good for all three (3) days of the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun). You can taste at any winery that indicates they are Barrel Tasting on Friday.
  • Wineries with an (f) next to their name on the list below are participating on Friday.
To taste at any of the participating wineries these weekends, you will need to purchase the Barrel Tasting ticket.  You can purchase your entry on the Friday of each weekend at those wineries listed below with an (f). You would then enjoy three full days of Barrel Tasting ( be sure to keep your wristband on).  We gladly replace broken glasses, but you will be charged $5.00 for lost or misplaced glasses.  

Full size BUSES are not allowed at Wine Road events.
Our wineries cannot handle a group of 20-40+ people arriving at the same time. 
To be responsible hosts, to provide an experience worth remembering, and to adequately describe the variety of wines being poured, smaller groups of people are ideal.

Winery staff cannot serve anyone that appears intoxicated.  
If even one person appears to have over-consumed, generally your entire group will be turned away.
We ask everyone's cooperation in keeping the event fun for everyone - the winery staff and all attendees.