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    rolling hills of a vineyard over a mist covered valley
    flowers surround a pathway to seating under the awning of a wood bulding
    trucks carrying large loads of grapes over a bridge
    large red lounge chairs in groups besides a creek
    man smiling and pruning the leaves of a grape vine
    golden sunset over a valley of vineyards and trees
    Harvesting Zinfandel grapes
    sunset over a valley of vineyards
    oak tree in front of a valley of vineyards
    Each bud contains all of the ingredients in tiny forms รณ shoots, leaves, tendrils and berries, yet to be grapes
    view of wild flowers leading to a vineyard
    vine covered archway in a garden leading to outdoor seating
    man smiling and holding up a bucket of ripe grapes
    road bridge going over a lush green foliage
    areal view of a red barn in the middle of rolling grassy hills
    low ground view of lush vines in the middle of a row of vineyards
    view through grape vines to a sunset over a lake
    4 goats grazing in a vineyard
    large gazebo seating surrounded by flowers and trees
    overgrown wild flowers between the rows of dead grape vines
    a stone pathway surrounded by tall trees
    a garden of red and white flowers with a walkway leading to a large old building
    an outdoor patio looking out to a vineyard with people sitting in the shade and drinking wine
    a shaded grassy seating area with a stone pathway surrounded by trees and next to an underground entrance to a winery
    seating area surrounded by a garden of flowers with a n archway with a sign that reads Theater of Nature
    wild flowers growing besides a vineyard
    the sun shining between two trees to illuminate wild white flowers in a field