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Founded in 1976, Wine Road is a winery association representing
Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River AVAs.

This page is designed to help you determine if your winery or lodging will fit the requirements for membership to Wine Road.

To apply for membership, see if you can answer YES to the following questions:

  1. The majority (51% or more) of our wines are sourced from or produced in the Alexander, Dry Creek or Russian River AVAs. YES/NO?
  2. Our winery/tasting room is located within either the Alexander, Dry Creek or Russian River area. YES/NO?
  3. Wine (made from Vitis vinifera grapes) is our primary product. YES/NO?

If you answered YES to the above three questions, then you may apply for a Winery Membership.

If you are a winery within a co-operative tasting room, we have two options.

  1. A membership for each winery within the co-op ($1000 per year). Thus each winery would have their own dot on the printed map, their own web page and their own listing in our event programs. They would each be eligible for their own event reimbursements when one is offered.
  2. The group of wineries within the co-op could pay one membership ($2000) and have one dot, webpage event listing and reimbursement, all in the name of the co-op, not each winery within the co-op.

A co-operative is a winery tasting room where each winery has a stake in the business.
Applicant must state that they are a true co-op with each winery as a vested participant.
A wine shop, wine bar, liquor store etc., would not qualify for membership.

Associate Lodging Membership
You need to be a licensed lodging property within the three AVAs we represent (Alexander, Dry Creek or the Russian River Valley). You need a minimum of 4 guest rooms and you must not be licensed as a Vacation Rental. You will need to provide copy of your most recent TOT payment.

Along with the completed application, you will need to;

All applications are reviewed and approved by our Membership Committee three times a year, their meetings are held the first week of; April, July, and October. Completed applications must be received at the Wine Road office by the last week of March, June and Sept to be reviewed.

Please sign all paperwork & submit all forms, permits, licenses and the fee at the same time. It may be mailed to: Wine Road, PO Box 46, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Please do not submit partial paperwork, or apply before permits are in place.

Wine Road Membership Application