Varietal of the Month

Each month we will taste through 6-8 of our member wines and give you a brief review.

- We will explore one varietal each month and describe their tasting  characteristics.
- Then we will provide a link to those shopping carts, so you can taste these wines for yourself.

This is our calendar for 2021-2022 with links to the posts that are complete.

October - Viognier

November - Malbec

December - Instead of a varietal, we went with a type of wine... Sparkling to celebrate!

January - Syrah

February - Sauvignon Blanc

March - Zinfandel

April - Pinot Noir

May - Instead of a varietal, we will go with a type of wine...Rosé

June - Cabernet Sauvignon

July - Chardonnay

August - Barbera

September - Gewurztraminer