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WINE 101


Wine Road, located in northern Sonoma County, is one of the world-renowned wine regions. We have over 200 of the world’s best wineries all within a 30-mile radius!

Wineries are open year-round and the weather is always perfect for a wine adventure. Tempered by the Pacific Coast’s maritime influence, the winters are mild and the summers long and warm.

To help you get the most out of your visit to the Wine Road, we are offering additional information to help you plan your adventure and enjoy your stay.

Topics covered in Wine 101 include:
Visitor FAQ
Find out how to get the most out of wine tasting, information on touring wineries or vineyards, the value of joining a wine club, how to ship wine home, getting to Sonoma County via air travel, ground transportation options once you arrive, lodgings, dining and nightlife options, and more.

Wine Tasting Tips
Let’s take the intimidation out of wine tasting with some basic tasting tips. Besides general tasting tips, we offer some guidelines on tasting etiquette and also best practices for planning ahead. Planning head will ensure you to get the most from your wine tasting adventures. After all, wine tasting is all about experiencing wine country at its finest and having fun!

Is This A Grape?
Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are well-known varietals grown and produced along the Wine Road. But do you know about Dolcetto, Tempranillo or Marsanne? Is this a grape? will guide you through a long list of grapes and the wines made from them.

Glossary of Terms
Every industry has its own jargon, and the wine industry has plenty. The glossary of terms will help you when you hear folks talk about “brix” or “lees.” Sometimes it is easier to look it up a term than to ask what it means.

Understanding a Wine Label
Wine labels are delicate balance between marketing and legality. Learn what each part of the label is for, and why it is there.

Check out the More To Do page if you are looking for information about transportation providers, restaurant suggestions, outdoor activities and recreational opportunities, or our concierge service.