Is that a Grape?

What is that grape?

Along the Russian River Wine Road we grow more varieties than any other wine region in the world. The wineries of the Wine Road, with their coastal and inland growing regions and distinct microclimates and soils, have the immense good fortune to be able to produce spectacular harvests from many different grape varieties.

The grapes that are grown along the Russian River Wine Road are used to produce world-renowned wines. Small lots of grapes are still being grown on plots of land that have held grapes for over 140 years.

What is the difference between a variety and a varietal? The term variety is used to describe a type of grape.  A wine made from that grape is referred to as a varietal (e.g. Pinot Noir).

What is the difference between a single varietal and a blend? Referring to a single varietal means the name of the wine listed on the wine label. Although that wine may have up to 25% of another varietal or varietals, it is still considered a single varietal.  A blend is a mixture of two or more wines blended together; generally no varietal is more than 74%, keeping the winery from using the varietal name on the bottle.

Here are some of the varieties grown along the Wine Road, “click” on variety for descriptions: