Covid Update – June 10 – WINERIES CAN OPEN!

Beth Costa on Jun 10, 2020

June 10, 2020

To all Wine Road wineries

This is the update you have been waiting for – today you were given the green light to open on Friday June 12 – WITHOUT THE “MEAL” MANDATE.

Our social media is scheduled to begin sharing the news this afternoon.
Our consumer newsletter goes out tomorrow morning – OPENING will be the headline!

We will be reminding visitors
Reservations Required (if you chose to allow walk-ins, depending on your space availability, that’s your call. We are promoting reservations required.

Face Masks Required – people should wear them upon check-in and while their tasting is being set up. Then they can remove them.

Social Distancing – remember to make every effort to keep people 6 feet apart.

Groups Limited To 6 or Less – some of you may have space for somewhat larger groups, again that is your call, we are promoting groups of 6 or less, some wineries are limited to 4 or less.


I am not going to attempt to create a list of who’s open, because it will be a moving target. Instead I’m going to say “We’re Back”, tasting rooms along the Wine Road are now open!
Hours may have changed a bit from winery to winery, so please call or go online to confirm.

Some of you may not open for a few more days, or even weeks, but customers are going to be asked to check with wineries directly.

Wineries Safe Signs
We have now mailed Wineries Safe signs to 80 wineries.
If you haven’t done it yet, please follow the easy self-certification on this site Sonoma Safe. This was developed by the Sonoma County Economic Board.

Our website will have a new page up by end of day tomorrow, reminding people of the new requirements, but assuring them it will be a fantastic experience, just a bit different from before.


RESERVATION SYSTEM – Wine Institute’s Guidelines
If you are considering an online reservation system, CellarPass is offering a webinar next week, June 16th, 11:00-11:30am that you can join for FREE. See how their system works, it may do the trick for you.
Click for details and to register HERE
With the announcement of the Wine Institute’s guidelines on safely re-opening your tasting room, there’s a lot to digest. CellarPass is pleased to demonstrate our new COVID-19 Symptom Survey & Liability Waiver features.


Just an FYI – if all goes according to plan LODGINGS may get the green light on the 19th.


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Posted by Beth Costa