The ‘In’ Crowd

Rebecca Germolus on Feb 28, 2024

In 1964 when Dobie Gray released The “In” Crowd, he sang about what we all want — to be a part of the inside group, to be a part of what’s happenin’. Would you like to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd, the Wine Road ‘in’ crowd, that is? Then read on.


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Wine Road Insider is the New ‘In’ Crowd

Last year, the Wine Road announce the Wine Road Insider program. If you haven’t heard about it, then you’re missing out!

Do you love meandering along the Wine Road, attending the Wine Road tasting events, seminars, specialized tastings and more? Then you should be a Wine Road Insider. An Insider gets plenty of privileges and perks, and has bragging rights of being in the ‘in’ crowd.


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Insider Privileges

  • Save 10% on all Wine Road events (limit 2 tickets per membership)
  • Have access to purchase event tickets 24 hours in advance of the public
  • Save 50% on all Wine Road sponsored seminars (4 planned per year)
  • Save 10% on all wine purchases at over 20 participating wineries, with a few offering even more than 10% off
  • Enjoy 2 for 1 Tasting at over 20 participating wineries
  • Enjoy complimentary or discounted shipping on wine purchases at several wineries

See the list of current Perks & Privileges to get all the current details.


Insider Perks

Privileges are added by the member wineries and lodgings throughout the year.

These will be time-sensitive offers like:

  • Complimentary logo glass when tasting in person
  • Vineyard or winery tours with winemaker with 48-hour notice
  • Upgraded charcuterie board with tasting reservation (48-hour notice)
  • Wine sales – limited time offers

When you become an Insider, use the option to receive a text message when these new “privileges” are added to the site.


How Does It Work?

  • Become a Wine Road Insider for $100 a year, and you’ll start enjoying all of these privileges and perks.
  • Just show your “Wine Road Insider” card (on your phone) at participating wineries to take part in the various offers.

Couldn’t be simpler!

Ready to sign up?


Being an Insider isn’t the only way to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd.


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In the Know Gets You ‘In’

Are you the curious sort? Do you like to know the why or what for? Do you enjoy history, especially the history of your favorite wine-growing region? Before going wine tasting, do friends and family ask you for recommendations? If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then the Wine Road has another option that brings you further into the ‘in’ crowd.


The Wine Road has a quick self-paced course about the Wine Road — its mission and history, the region that makes up the Wine Road, sustainability along the Wine Road, general visitor information to help you deepen your knowledge of the area, and more. At the end of the course, you take a short online quiz and, et voilà, you’re now a certified Wine Road Ambassador. It doesn’t get more ‘in’ crowd than that! Upon completion, you’ll receive a Wine Road Ambassador pin that shows the world you’re now an ‘in’ crowd expert about the Wine Road.

Words "Be a Wine Road Ambassador" against a leafy green vineyard. Wine Road Sonoma CA written in the corner on an orange rectangle.

Who’s becoming an ambassador? People who already love spending time along the Wine Road but want to know more about it, wine educators from throughout the US and even Canada, local hospitality folks, wine enthusiasts who are planning a trip here, and more. The number of ambassadors continues to grow, so jump on board and become a part of the ‘in’ crowd today.


“I’m in with the in crowd

I go where the in crowd goes

I’m in with the in crowd

And I know what the in crowd knows”


Happy Sipping!


Wine Road Ambassador pin with a quail holding a bottle of red wine.

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Rebecca Germolus, co-owner of Maximum Value Marketing, loves Sonoma County and playing along the Wine Road. Rebecca daily immerses herself in wine country by providing cost-effective marketing and writing solutions to wineries and restaurants.

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