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Beth Costa on Jun 6, 2017

Raise your bidding paddle to this dancer extraordinaire.

By Lucy Lewand – Camellia Inn

Did you know that Lucy Lewand is a Colonel? Some years back, Lucy completed the course in Auctioneering and Auction Sales Management from the Missouri Auction School, the world’s largest auction training center. She received her diploma and the honorary title of Colonel at that time. Since then, Lucy has made it her personal mission to raise one million dollars for local non-profits – and, she is a third of the way there! Groups that have benefitted from her charming live auction skills include: Catwalk for the Cure, Chefs of Tomorrow, Sonoma County Task Force for the Homeless and other great causes.

Lucy and Archie owned an auction house in Healdsburg for many years, and the Inn holds lovely pieces of furniture and artwork from then (the tall, antique tiger-eye maple bed from Scotland in the Royalty Room is just one of the beautiful conversation pieces).

Raise your bidding paddle in salute to “Colonel” Lucy!

Besides being an Inn-keeper extraordinaire for over 35 years and a popular auctioneer, one of Lucy’s other loves is dancing. Not even a knee surgery in 2016 could keep her away from the dance floor for long. You can find her at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Santa Rosa, CA on most Thursday evenings. She has even encouraged her dad, Ray, to join her in “tripping the light fantastic” there. Exercise, spangles and great music – what’s not to like?

Two people dancing
Lucy and Arthur Murray instructor Nathan perform.

In 2013, Lucy partnered with the talented Zach Crawford from the Arthur Murray Dance Center for the Raven Performing Arts Theater’s annual fund-raising version of “Dancing with the Stars.” Her years at Livefit Boot Camp’s 5:30 a.m. sessions groomed her for this competition. That, and Zach’s patience and expertise in teaching her how to dance, were the keys to her lovely performance. “Team Lucy & Zach” danced away with the “People’s Choice” award for the night.

Lucy dancing with Zach Crawford
Lucy and Zach Crawford

Lucy says “Besides Disneyland and the Camellia Inn, the happiest place on earth for me is the studio practicing for an upcoming performance!”

She encourages guests and friends to come to Arthur Murray and join in the fun.

Two people dancing
Lucy and her dad, Ray Lewand.

Finally, to know Lucy is to know her love of everything related to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland: she collects mugs, charms, shirts, pins and more, and makes frequent trips to visit Disneyland. Lucy even decorates and displays a Mickey Mouse theme Christmas tree in the family area of the Inn each year. While other Disney characters do adorn the tree, Mickey always is front and center. Ask to see it if you are visiting over the holidays. It is something dazzling to behold.Mickey Mouse Christmas decoration

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