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Rebecca Germolus on Jun 5, 2019

Scouring the internet for the best trip planning resources can be time-consuming and not always productive. Sonoma County offers so many wonderful options for visitor and locals alike, and we are fortunate to have a lot of superb online tools available to us as well.

Planning Your Wine Adventures

The Wine Road has a new updated website that offers more resources that I can list, but here are a few trip planning highlights.

Experiences  – These are divided into categories with a brief description of what to expect and a link to the winery’s website, where you can learn more about each offering and book your experience appointment. The categories include Discover Gardens & Caves, Culinary Events, Explore the Art of Winemaking, Only in Wine Country, and several more.One of the many categories of experinces along the Wine Road: Discover Gardens and Caves

By Region – If you are familiar with the area and know you want to stay within a specific appellation (a.k.a. wine growing region), the website now has pages for each of the three regions—Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and Russian River Valley. Under each Valley, you’ll discover a list of wineries, recommended day trips, places to stay, and other information germane to just that region. This is such a great resource if you want to stay, eat, taste, and play within one of the three valleys along the Wine Road.

Tasting Pass – Another wine adventure recommendation is purchasing a one-day tasting pass through the Wine Road website. This is an excellent way to scope out wineries that might be new to you, and discover new favorites. This one-day pass is only $35 and is honored at over 70 wineries along the Wine Road.

If you’d like to read more about the new Wine Road website, check out a recent blog that takes an in-depth look at the site. Or, just go to the site and start exploring on your own.  There are many other trip planning tools on the Wine Road website, so remember to bookmark it for future reference.

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For the past couple years, Wine Road executive director Beth Costa and local wine and travel writer Marcy Gordon, have been producing a fun and informative podcast entitled Wine Road: The Wine When & Where of Sonoma County, CA. Not only are the podcasts entertaining, they are also chocked full of information about what to do and where to go in Sonoma County for the best wine, food, entertainment, day trips, outdoor adventures, places to stay, and much more. This is such a highly regarded podcast that in 2018 it won a prestigious The Taste Award.

Wine Road Podcast Home page

Town by Town

Each city and town along the Wine Road has its own information to help with your trip planning. Rather than make you find each one, I’ve listed them below:

For a broader view, you can also check out the Sonoma County tourism website. The outdoor activity options will astound you!

Sonoma County Outdoor Activities List

More Trip Planning Resources

Two other trip planning resources to add to your toolkit are the monthly Wine Road newsletter and the Wine Road map. This newsletter highlights news, events, and offers. Although maps might seem so last century, when traveling along the back roads of Sonoma County, you quickly discover you no longer have cell service. Finding your destination without your friendly navigation system is still possible with a Wine Road map.

To receive the monthly Wine Road newsletter or request a Wine Road map, visit the Contact Us page on the Wine Road website.

Hope this gives you a bunch of resources for your next visit along the Wine Road.

Happy Sipping!

Wine Road's Monthly Newsletter
Wine Road’s Monthly Newsletter

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Summer vineyard vista in Sonoma County

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